Go Read Something Good!

So, I love everyone (/love), but what are you doing hanging around here?  I post, don’t post, scribble something on a notecard and say it’s a post, and still you come by!  You’re making me feel a bit guilty, k?

Over the holidays I discovered the wonder of starring well-liked posts in my feed-reader… and while you may have read quite a few of them trawling the interwebs on your own, just in case you missed some good stuff, here’s what I’ve been storing since last I linked!

I’ve always added some commentary about what I should have commented about, since, well, I’ve been horrible about commenting, and this way you don’t feel like I’m sending you out into the nether without saying something constructive, or at the very least, pointing out the good vans from the bad (awesome) vans with candy.


Tobold’s Disturbing Question–Addon or not to addon.  Its an old question, but always worth looking at with fresh eyes.  This one is courtesy of the PP Inn.

All You Ever Wanted to Know about Macros–Yes, I still sucky at macros, but this one is a pretty good all-around look at how macros work and their flexibility and limitations.  Worth a read if you want anything more complicated than /tar bad stuff.  A la No Stock UI.


Faking Feral–What’s a feral tank to do when there’s nothing to do?  Fake it!  Courtesy of Druid Main.

Icewalker vs. Tuskarr’s Vitality–Directed at the orbital laser-beam wielders (that’s moonkin to you) it’s still an interesting read and justification for Tuskarr’s Vitality.  The Strayegg has spoken.

Guild Leadership

Tools for Mentoring–For all you GM’s dealing with a basket case, this one is for you!  From Cold Comfort.

Guild Introspection: Who you really are–How much control do you really have over how outsiders perceive your guild?  Whatisboom thought about this one, and actually, a question I had only vaguely considered before (I mean, we’re awesome, right?)

Trying to Solve the World’s Problems–How not to carry the entire guild bank of problem’s on your shoulders.  Another one from Cold Comfort.

General Gaming

The Death of Multicultural Gaming–I thought, yes, yes indeed when I saw this one.  I love the multicultural aspect of gaming.  I have a dear, dear friend in Norway, and I still talk about that one night in FFXI when I was grouped with a totally non-English speaking group and we relied entirely on the (Hi) (Casting)(Heal II) in-game translation system.  Everything went like clockwork, and I had the best night of grinding that I can remember for ages.  So what happens when you no longer know that you’re playing with someone over the pond?  Does it matter to you?  We Fly Spitfires talked about this one–and if you hate him for the Matticus post, please don’t send him death messages from my link :P


Zath’s World of Warcraft Competition–Free goodies, you have until Feb. 7th!


WoL Introduction–I wish this blogger would post more often for my reading enjoyment.  The posts are always excellent, and this one explains in meticulous detail how to navigate World of Logs.  Life In Group 5, especially if you’re a shaman, should be in your reader folks!

DPS Check or Execution–What’s easier to overcome?  How do you tell the difference?  Annexxia at Bible of Dreams might be able to help you find the answer.  However, only you can answer… which would you rather prefer!


Absolute Power–Who has absolute power in your 5-man LFG run?  The dps, the healer or the tank?  See what Cassandri at Hots & Dots says about it (and I couldn’t agree more… hence, why my tank has more pugging experience than my healer!)


Holy Spec Debate (Paladin)–Ophelie at the Boss Pally chose to take another look at the “big spec” debate with Holy paladins.  While I will likely never, ever spec a holy paladin ever, ever again, I have this morbid fascination with any tree that I have ever been interested enough to play.

Disc Priest Gear List (3.3)–What can I say?  I trust the turkey (Bobturkey that is) when it comes to gear lists.  You don’t get many, but those I link, I trust.

Resto Druid Gear 3.3 (casual or 10-man focused)–Not often do you see a really solid gear list that is aimed at casual/beginning/10-man raiders, and this one is extensive.

The Issue with Discipline Raid Healing–I haven’t seen it (other than standing around between mob packs and the disc priest decides bubbling the entire raid will lighten his day); however, I was intrigued to read a bit about stretching the tree.  I don’t think it’s a viable solution for most raiding situations, but experimenting with your class is the spice of WoW.


Do You Qualify to be a Warlock?–You are not evil enough, trust me :)

Shared Topic

Surviving PvE as Melee DPS–A shared topic can be literal or figurative… or just plain fun.

Righteous Orbs (yes, the get their own category today)

Honestly, just go read… trust me.

Winning Asshole Chicken

I took the one more traveled because I’m not a bloody idiot


It’s About the Towers–So, I haven’t been a “serious” PvPer since Alterac Valley was an all day affair.  Part of the problem is… I don’t know the BG’s anymore.  I don’t understand why the objectives are being taken like they are, and I hate participating simply for HK’s.  I was so thrilled to see this guide, and I hope to see some more for BG noobs like myself.


The funk-master paid me a gaming visit, and I haven’t been in the partying mood this past month.  The promise of glittery shinies offered by the LFG system wasn’t enough to compensate for the ass-hattery of the random people I was forced to spend 20-30 (or an hour >.<) worth of my time with–in some ways, it’s my own fault… I’m a masochist when it comes to completing a dungeon, and will NOT BAIL.

The other part was my guild’s difficulty with 25-man content.  I love my guild, they’re nice people, but spending 4 hours wiping on a boss at 40-50% all night does not equal an enjoyable evening–especially when you know you’re coming back in tomorrow night and doing the same thing, but, oh joy, there will be new people who haven’t even seen the fight learning all those complicated little steps again.

Being an anal retentive sort of person, I have somehow dubbed myself the Logs Lady.  Not only did I take it upon myself to start collecting and posting the guild’s log data from 10 and 25-man attempts of which I was a part, but I also started that rather extensive series (which is still coming, I’m working on mages and warriors at the moment) to provide a resource for those who might not understand how to evaluate their own performance.  The more I look at it, of course, the more I think about how flawed the whole series is, because it is downright hard to encapsulate everyone’s healing/dpsing/tanking priorities and style into little numbers–but that’s just what I plan to do.

So, the magic, if not gone, was not as glittery and fun as it used to be.  I moved over my tank, Aliera, but belatedly remembered that I don’t have a dedicated miner to funnel her materials for jewelcrafting and blacksmithing any longer.  I spent a weekend garnering her enough badges for her 2 piece T9 set, then spent two weeks running hither and yon doing jewelcrafting dailies so I could actually gem her set.  And then it happened… I ran out of chalcedony.  And the jewelcrafting daily kept recycling to the chalcedony pendant one.  Gah!

The /glee, right… I’m getting to that.  So the last couple of weeks I’ve had to reduce my raiding schedule a bit.  I’ve signed up for tentative to every raid offered because I just started coursework, was brow-beaten into taking a graduate class, and subsequently offered a job.  Real life is looking peachy, WoW is still a canker eating up some of my time.  I sat out a raid that I was available for due to my tentative status, gave some advice to others who got asked out, and generally played generic guild mommy type while I whittled fiddled around with my gear (yes, setting your town set is important.)

So Sunday rolled around and there was a 10-man ICC raid going down.  I jumped in, and we cleared successfully through Festergut before someone took a “15 minute dinner break” that resulted in the whole she-bang dissolving.  And then I get a /tell.  An old guild-mate transferred servers to play with our crew again *awwwww*  I swap over to my tank so we can get insta-invites and realize I hadn’t done the weekly yet… and neither had he.  I immediately start sending out /tells, and in a few minutes we’ve got half of a 10-man thrown together.  Some of those who declined were waiting on the 2nd ICC-10 to start, but due to delays, changed their minds and hopped in with us to down XT.  Woot-eh.  Smooth run, free badges, ICC is ready to start for those folks who wanted the 10-man.

4 of us stay together (including my server-transferred buddy) and we chain heroics for a couple of hours until it’s time for dinner/bedtime for folks and call it a night.  Upgrades were handed out, badges were collected, and there was a constant flow of conversation and tom-foolery through-out it all.  I discovered that I spent the entire XT raid and a couple of heroics tanking without a chestpiece.  Remember how we gear for town?  Yes, well, I had worn my Tabard of Summer Flames.

At least the healer said I wasn’t going squish…. right?

And to top off the night, I get a /tell from a guild-mate that went with us to down XT:

- You’re awesome

- Huh?

- You look out for your friends and do things with them.