Minipost: Hallow’s End!

I just love Hallow’s End, which I don’t find that surprising since I always loved Halloween as a kid. I mean, what kid doesn’t want to be a pumpkin, or a ghost, or a swashbuckling bucaneer? It is awesome. What does surprise me is that I’m actually pursuing the achievements. I’ve done Hallow’s End on a few of my characters, and I promised myself I wouldn’t get all caught up in the achievement game on Terri, yet here I am, happily thrusting my hand into buckets of candy, achieving a sparkling smile and puking my guts out for eating that one. last. candy. The whole experience leaves me wanting to work on some of the other achievements that I’ve completed over the years, on a bevy of characters and in a number of different locales. Could it really be oh so bad to stop being an alt, and for once, maybe have a main?

And just a friendly reminder, if a town has an inn, it probably has a candy bucket. Don’t believe that skimpy achievement list! If you don’t want to explore, just check out Angelya’s list of all the candy buckets.

What’s your favorite in-game event? If you’re not already an achievement junkie, is there some special achieve that you just must have?

Bonus question: Why is there always that one dps who can’t beat out the healer? I’m not a disc priest son, I’m a tree.

For Love of the Game

When I was a young girl, maybe 4 or 5, my father decided to teach me how to play Solitaire. He and my mother often played a game as they watched t.v. or chatted at the end of the day, and this was a bit before PC’s were standard in anyone’s household, so no random game on the fly! My dad, being the great guy that he is, decided I should learn to play “real” solitaire where you partition out your game cards and then do the three-card flip. It wasn’t until years later that I discovered that you can play (and enjoy) a hand of solitaire with the single card method, and why my dad felt I needed to learn the “real” way at 4, I’ll never know. Continue reading

Who’s On First?

It won’t surprise you to know, that I think I’m a bit of an odd-ball. Although I discussed a lot of my raiding quirks that I noticed even more when I became a single raider, I realized that I had a whole lot more that had nothing to do with whether I raided alone or not. One of those pertains to positioning. Depending on the fight you might spread out, collapse, space every 6 yards, run manically back and forth between assignment A or assignment B. And on those fights that have a lot of “run here and wait” components I find myself getting grumpier than usual when someone steals my spot! How dare they?

Continue reading

I Made It

It’s been just a day shy of a month since Production Company’s Gaia contacted me about possibly, maybe, making a fit for their guild. Last night, I finally completed the journey from 1 – 80 on my very first druid. In that time, I’ve pew-pewed, covered mini-teams in leaves, and generally fumbled my way along to the top of the food chain–at least until next week. All in all, the project took 5 days and 5 hours worth of game-time.

I’ve received some gifts along the way which have made the transition to a new server, with no money or heirlooms, a pretty nice ride. I got a handful of cash, 1k to be exact, from both Roski and Gaia, apparently without them realizing they both had done so. Another new guildmate, Harvesting, had been power leveling jewelcrafting when I joined, so I had a scattered assortment of gems and stones. I even had a nifty pair of L80 boots ready and waiting for me from almost day 1.

For the last push, I’ve been quiet encouragement from many along the sidelines, keeping track of my progress and gently pushing me forward. I hadn’t intended to hit 80 last night, but when I found myself a couple of bars into 79 and a few hours of free time remaining, I determined that the final push WOULD BE DONE! Besides, I have a research paper to finish today :P

Last night also marked the last night of raiding for ProCo. The “main” team finished up their final achievements last week (or maybe even the week before, I’m fuzzy on their timeline atm), and this week was set aside for an alt run if anyone had any interest. Tuesday night, the alt team pushed through to the Lich King, and last night he was the only target.

Come raid time, the bad news started coming in–internet out in one household, people running late, and perhaps, a call for the last raid of the expansion. Somewhat jokingly, I got a tell from Gaia asking if I could hit 80 within 10 minutes… I knew I’d need at least 30, and I had 1200 freaking spellpower–give me a break!

However, when 1/2 hour had rolled around, I had hit my milestone and my L80 achievement rolled across the screen… immediately followed by a raid invite. I packed up my bags and flew over to Ulduar–a raid member needed the FL achievements for his Glory of Ulduar achievement. I was, thankfully, assigned a gunner position, and shortly thereafter, achievements secured, we once again packed up our bags and headed to ICC… an 11/12 ICC.

The intrepid alt run ended up with a single tank, 3 healers, and the rest d.p.s, and incompetent me. I am proud to say, that after a 3 month break from even seeing the fight, I managed not to fall off the side, and on our first attempt, I was the last raid member to die /flex. Of course, my dps was so abysmal, that I’m surprised the King even noticed I was there. However, our second attempt was a success, even though I dropped a defile almost dead center–fortunately, I was sucked into the sword on the first go, and despite my pitiful efforts, was the first and only death.

Terrielle is now a Kingslayer. After an hour or so at max level. I cannot queue for Normal ToC, or any heroic Lich King dungeon, but I was there when the King went down. To the consertation of at least one team mate (and I quote, “OH GOD!”), I promised to blog about the experience of the fastest 80 to Lich King kill likely in the entire expansion.

Now to finish cooking up these fine Great Feasts in time for the great expansion, and the new leveling and raiding cycle to come.


Mischief Maker Indeed!

This week’s shared topic at Blog Azeroth is brought to us by Syl of the Raging Monkeys, and she asks:

What wow secrets have you discovered on your long journey through the World of Warcraft? What unexpected, surprising or delightfully ‘pointless’ things have you chanced upon that add something special to the game for you?

While it’s tempting to go all gushy over hidden dales, and secret caverns, for this hidden wonder I’ve decided to introduce you to a denizen of Dalaran that you might not have had the chance to meet: Minigob Manabonk.

This crafty gnome can not be found in any particular location, and indeed, moving about town may limit your ability to interact with him at all. His modus operandi is to sneak up on unsuspecting members of the Dalaran populace and BONK THEM! The bonk doesn’t do any damage, but it does turn you into a bleeting sheep for 30 seconds. If you decide the indignity of being sheeped in public is too much, you can choose to click the buff off; however, it’s a bit of harmless fun, and is quite short-lived.

Once you’ve been the victim of a mana bonkin’, Minigob will send you this charming letter admitting to his prank.

He’ll include a Mischief Maker which allows you to Manabonk any beast, humanoid, or critter in Dalaran.

So, next time you’re standing around Dalaran waiting for a dungeon, or discussing the importance of displaying Snarly instead of Toothy be wery, wery quiet, and wait for the BONK!



For some reason, my laptop cannot seem to fathom why it should use the direct line of DSL goodness when it can grab the signal from the ether and turn it into a perfectly stable connection…. until the phone rings.

That’s right ladies and gents, my telephone bandwidth is on the same frequency as my DSL, so when I answer the phone, my connection drops.  Because of this, I make sure 100% of the time that when I’m in a raid, I’m hard-wired to my modem box — common sense, right?

Except, apparently, if I don’t do it prior to my computer picking up the connection remotely apparently I still get booted, as I discovered last night.

So I logged back in to the Raid Naked debuff — which made me think of Triv at Raid Naked — sooooo, this one’s for you Triv!


Cult of the Warrior

Playing Corrinna has introduced me to a world of masochism and headaches beyond my wildest dreams — the Cult of the Warrior.  I’ve tried warriors before a couple of times, but the stances, frankly, left little to be desired in my personal opinion.  Every new level, I had to swap to two to three different stances in order to put the correct skills in the correct stance so if I ever happened to need one, all my skills would be lined up and ready for immediate use — however, I had no idea the amount of pain and suffering that goes into leveling a character for the easiest levels in the game.

Not only do I feel naked without linen supplies that would keep the seamstresses of Stormwind making bedsheets for the entire city, any time I enter a new settlement dogs and cats immediately gravitate to me — not because of my obvious love for all things furry–but because I have enough food in my bags to stock a kitchen for a month.  While on other low level alts pots that happened to fall from the hands of my enemies were a lucrative side trade, on Corrinna, I weep with joy when I see anything labeled “health” because I know I shall live another 5 minutes before the next run back from the spirit healer.

Yes, yes, you’re saying, you suck at playing a warrior — what is this cult you speak of?  I’ll tell you — it’s every single person who has a warrior past level 10.  Friends, enemies, guildmates, random men and women on the street discover your new warrior and the unsolicited advice begins.

- Make sure you work on your cooking skill.  You’ll need food and lots of it!

- Just wait till you finish with linen bandages, then you get wool.  Ah, wool, those are the good days my friend.

- Wool!  Poppycock!  She really wants to get to silk — now those are the finest bandages in the land.

- Do you have an alt who is an alchemist?  I would never level a warrior without having 20 health pots and plenty of Troll’s Blood.


- Well warriors are fun!

Warriors suffer.  I understand an old raid leader of mine better now — he hated alts, he hated leveling, and he never understood how people who leveled enjoyed the game.  Well sir, if I was a warrior first, mayhaps I would have understood that attitude a bit better.  Every time I log on, I feel like I am paying penance for enjoying my raid of the night before, or perhaps for being a perfectionist twit who cannot leave well enough alone and join her other 40 characters.

Of course, there are high points or I’d never go back (joy with suffering is the best combination after all).  Once a two-handed weapon made it to my hand, I felt that life was worth living — add Overpower to the mix, and I yelped with glee every time I saw a “Dodge” appear on my screen.  My days are numbered.  I am slowly becoming hooked to my mail corsets, unbelievable crits, and ability to rush into the fray and decimate the peasants before they know what hit them.

Warriors, I salute you.