Faction Changes Live

Although Blizzard didn’t think it pertinent to add to their front page, my wiley girlfriend Mohana discovered that faction changes went live! Although I probably will not be transferring any of my older characters to my new server, I think it’s an awesome, awesome idea.

Spend days/weeks/months collecting every pet (damn near) in the game for the achievement Lil Game Hunter?  Now, when your guild implodes, you hate everyone you’ve ever pugged with, and your real life buddy starts whispering in your ear how FA-bu-lous his server is, you don’t have to reroll to play with his namby pamby night elf, but can instead just reroll the dice on your old friend and have him reborn, albeit with all his reputation, achievements, gear and the like.  The only downer is for those alliance with Wintersaber reputation gains: Horde doesn’t have an equivalent.

Although I enjoy the experience of leveling toons from scratch in a new home, I definitely understand the allure, and believe I’ll be having a few friends reborn on my server over the next few days.


UPDATE: I’m not a morning person, but apparently MMO-Champion has some more detailed information over here.