Introductions seem to be in order: Hi, my name is Anne and I have been playing WoW since its inception (no, this is not a WoWholics meeting — that’s in room 5).  If you’d like more information on my gaming experience in MMO’s please feel free to check out the About tab, it’ll save me some typing and you some reading if that’s not your thing!

I am currently playing Windsoar in a friends and family (and alts) guild on Scarlet Crusade following the implosion of our previous guild.  Currently, our plans are to level and enjoy dungeon running together to get geared up before we enter the raiding scene again.  I am actually currently behind on my dungeons: I haven’t even seen the Coliseum and couldn’t give you directions with a gun to my head; however I have experienced all other current raiding content barring Alganon.

While I’d love to talk dungeons, until I reach the level cap and get some nice gear strapped on again, conversation will generally revolve around theory-crafting of the shaman kind, user interfaces and mods, and perhaps a general overview of my viewpoints on the WoW community as I introduce myself to the public.

I plan on posting every other day at a minimum for now, so please feel free to stop back by and see what’s cooking!