My Current UI

I’ve been through a multitude of UI changes, including loss and gain of addons, change in priorities and of course characters. I seriously doubt this is my last tinkering (fat chance!) yet, for now, it serves admirably.

I have come down to a simple philosophy on what I want out of my UI, and I hope its reflected in my screenshots:
1) Useful information displayed in an easy to decipher and non-redundant way

  • I don’t need to have a flashing red border, AGGRO pop up somewhere on my screen, and a threat meter showing me prominently placed at the top of all my fellow raiders bars.

2) Keep information I don’t really need off my screen.

  • Hmmm, is that warlock dotting the boss or the adds? Shouldn’t he really spend more of his time on the boss? Maybe we should have a chat about his dereliction of duty at the next guild meeting where I pull out my handy skada report and show… he blew away everyone in the raid with his awesome dps. Who the hell cares what raid members are targeting — shouldn’t I be doing my job and not be distracted by the flickering nameplates of my party’s targeting choices?

3) A clean area of real estate around my character in order to avoid fiery death.

  • Well I have dabbled (particularly with healing classes) in UI’s that focused my raid frames next to my character in some way. I invariably find the rise and fall of health in conjuction with the healing and cleansing dot management way more distracting to my own enviromental field than I can account for. In addition, it breaks rule #4.

4) A UI should be able to serve the needs of any class I feel like playing at the moment.

  • Nothing is worse than logging into an alt you haven’t seen in awhile and having to rearrange your entire UI in order to actually get to the gameplay. Most classes have pretty consistent needs — see vital information without blocking the visual field. While I don’t mind adding a class specific addon from time to time, I refuse to have more than 2 addons dedicated to a particular class, or move my target/party/raid frames.

5) Pretty is nice ^.^

And without further ado:

Targeting and Casting: