Another 80

I’ll admit, I stayed up late so Windsoar could ding 80. She was only 200k away when bed started calling…

But… you can’t ding and then, just log off? I mean, there are goodies in your bank lovingly crafted and sent to you for the glorious day (ok, not much, but Surp did manage to max out his jewelcrafting and provide me an upgraded ring).

Skills — 25 new and improved versions of old friends. And finally, a stop to the auction house to eyeball for your final glyph and make sure some stellar deal is not just waiting for you to take advantage of it, because, hey you need gear.

Did I stop there? Of course not — emboldened by being on an established and alliance heavy server, I threw myself in LFG for the heroic daily. And I got just what I expected, practically carried through a dungeon. I ran oom right before a boss, forgot to drop my totems on the third, came out with an overall 1478 d.p.s., and basically was carried lovingly through by a group that ignored my flaws and just kept on trucking.

I must say, I was oh so happy with my loot-bag when I left the dungeon. Cloth hand upgrade, mail skirt upgrade, the frozen orb, 5 conquest badges and 2 triumph badges.

Not bad for the first night of 80.