I Fell in Love in Northrend

I’m sure when news of Cataclysm hit, someone was really wishing for their class to be …. murloc. Or maybe it was just me.

Not much is known about the funny little creatures, but everyone who’s had a low level character has run across a murloc encampment a time or two. Their distinctive chatter has been mocked and laughed over by many, and their poor fishy appearance makes it easy to see them as weird slimy… things. Not much is shared about murlocs in any of the lore. Official information states their origins and age are perhaps greater than previously suspected, and although they have been seen as allied or worshipping the naga, this is perhaps, a hasty assumption.

In all encounters prior to Northrend, murlocs have been hostile to members of the Alliance and Horde alike. It is not until Northrend that any attempts to broker services are sought. There are two murloc quests hubs available in Northrend, one beginning on the shores of Howling Fjord, and the other, within the cleft of Coldarra and the mainland of Borean Tundra, where the ocean flows freely. The murlocs do not differentiate between the factions, but seek help from whatever hand is offering it.

The Howling Fjord quest chain did not make much of an impression on me. No one sends you to find Old Icefin, you just wander across him and he draws a simple rock picture to make his request. While sad, it is just one more creature affected by the scourge.

However, when D.H.E.T.A. sent me to a full blown (albeit tiny) murloc village I was super thrilled. So what if I have to farm an item to be able to talk to the murlocs… finally all that mumbo-jumbo makes sense! King Mrgl-Mrgl, while having his own agenda, is not unlike the hundreds of others who have requested my services. The interplay of factions within the murloc village was interesting, with a “He may be King, but he only gets X if I get Y” scenario happening at every turn.

The two quests that set apart this entire hub as a “must do” on my alt leveling list, however, is ‘Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!’ and ‘Surrender…. Not!’ Not only do we learn what devious son of a guns murlocs can be (and I thought they were just walking fish!) you also save baby murlocs and have them follow you diligently around while you slaughter the nasty, mean murlocs who trapped them. While the quests themselves are fun from a something new point of view, the absolute best part is the costume.

So if you haven’t yet added the Winterfin Murloc tribes to your must do quests in Northrend, make sure you do. And I’ll keep looking forward to my murloc race… one day.