Rune Timers Addendum

I read Rune Timers: A Primer by the author of Runeforge Gossip about a week ago over at No Stock UI, and it’s been bothering me on and off for the past week or so.  While I’ve been a reader at NSUI since its inception, I’ve noticed the posts tend to be short and sweet: sometimes too short to fully discuss the topic at hand.

While Runeforge’s post is called a primer, he really only has a chance to discuss three rune timers addons, and they all provide the information in a very similar fashion, which to me, defeats the purpose of providing a “primer” which will educate people on the different types of rune timer addons available.

In that vein, I’ve chosen to expand on his Rune Timer Primer, which should complement his introductory post to the advantages and disadvantages of several rune timer addons currently available  (so if you wanna know more about some interesting all in one DK Rune timer/disease tracker addons, go read the original post!).

Snowfall Rune (WoWInterface)

Out of the box, Snowfall Rune is a basic bar rune timer.  What really sets it apart is the ability to see if you are using your runes in the “magic window” of 2.5 seconds.  The white/black area next to each rune is an indication of the global cooldown, so spell use can be timed very, very accurately.  If you don’t like any of the options out of the box, you must be able to be comfortable with .lua editing — although the author has nicely posted some instructional help at the top of the file.

Engraved (Curse, WoWInterface)

Engraved is a very minimalistic, easily customizable rune timer.  It does not provide anything but 6 runes that can be resized and positioned independently of one another.  The runes darken when completely tapped, and begin to glow when <1 global cooldown from active use.  In game configuration options are available.

Runevolution (WoWInterface)

This addon has provided a unique way of displaying and organizing runes for the use of the player.  While static rune placement is possible, the option that sets this timer apart is the ability to physically separate your runes on screen into active and inactive runes.  Inactive runes go the active “pile” as they are ready, providing a more organic approach to rune display.  Instead of 6 buttons which include your colored runes by type, some not ready, some ready, Runevolution “stacks” your runes in the active location as they become available, with perhaps a blood rune and a frost rune followed by a blood rune, since that is the order in which you originally used them.  In addition to runes, this addon is capable of tracking diseases of both the player and his party members.  While I’ve done my best to describe how it can work, it may also be easier to watch this video provided by the author. (NOTE: While there is a newer video listed here, I was unable to get it to work.)

Runemover (Curse, WoWInterface)

I know some of you really, really prefer addons that recycle blizzard’s code (think Dominoes).  These addons tend to break less often come patch time, resulting in a more pleasant playing experience for you post patch.  Runemover does exactly that while providing some nice functionality.  You can scale the runes, change the transparency, and even the graphics.  Another very minimalistic rune addon display for those who just want their runes where they want them!

Runehud (Curse, WoWInterface)

Make your runes into a heads up display without positioning each rune individually.  OmniCC support is available (you can have a countdown directly on your rune).
Prepackaged Options

Unit Frames & HUDs

Most unit frames offer runes “built-in” to their standard unit frame option.  For example, AG_UF offers a bar type indicator where each bar is a rune that gradually fills as the rune is on its way to being ready again.  Minimalistic and already included for many users out there.

HUD’s often have this feature available as well.  IceHUD for example provides death knight runes between the health/mana display at the user’s feet.  For those trying to keep their addon overhead at a minimum, finding the right HUD or unit frame to display runes in a more appealing manner might be just the right solution.