Elementalist, Book 1

So you wanna bend the elements of Azeroth to your will? Call lightning from the heavens and call elementals from the depths of the Earth?

For now, we’ll walk through what to talent into, what is ok for filler, and what should be avoided. We’ll also take a look at glyphs, so that you get the best bang for your lightning bolt — every time *wink*

Before We Start

One: Ignore the restoration tree.
While there are a couple of tasty looking talents in there, they are not worth the expenditure. Pretend that tab doesn’t exist. What did I just tell you? Don’t even look at it!

Two: Bosses give better loot than other players.

These recommendations are built around meting out raid dps, not melting faces.  PvP choices will be noted as we move through each talent, so you should have SOME idea of what talents would be viable if you decide killing players is more fun than raid bosses.

Three: Talent details will not be provided.

I assume you have some idea what the talents actually say.  If not, you’ll need to open a Wowhead Talent Calculator OR your talent tree in game.

Four: If you’re really lazy click here.

This is the spec I recommend (barring 2 points which are total, total filler). However, I don’t encourage you just take what I tell you to, but actually see WHY those choices are made on a point by point basis.

Ok, now that we got that down….


Tier 1

Convection — Optional — You will most likely never have a mana issue in your life.  Can be used as filler or if you have mana issues (perhaps while leveling).
Concussion — Required — Increasing damage to all your main spells is a high priority

Tier 2

Call of Flame — Required — Increased Lava Burst damage? Yes please!
Elemental Warding — Optional — Raises effective health.  Smells like PvP.
Elemental Devastation — Not recommended — Enhancement talent only.

Tier 3

Reverberation — Not recommended — You shock once every 18 seconds.  Save it for leveling or PvP honey.

Elemental Focus – Required – While our clearcasting state isn’t stellar, it does lead to our best talents in the tree.

Elemental Fury — Required — Increase critical strike chance for all our spells AND extra damage on critical strikes.  Yum!

Tier 4

Improved Fire Nova Totem — Not recommended — PvP oriented.

Eye of the Storm — Recommended — Useful filler talent.  You don’t wanna lose ANY casting time ever.

Tier 5

Elemental Reach — Recommended — More room to wiggle is always good.

Call of Thunder — Required — Free critical strike = win.

Unrelenting Storm — Recommended — Your never-ending mana pool resides here.

Tier 6

Elemental Precision — Required — Free hit rating built right in.  Wind shear is still limited (in that it’s a shorter range than your optimal spell rotation making de-aggroing a pita).

Lightning Mastery — Required — Reduces casting time of your major spells, reducing the amount of haste you have to stack.

Tier 7

Elemental Mastery — Required — Needed for Elemental Oath.  Like a free trinket during heroism burns 🙂

Storm, Earth, and Fire — Recommended — Flame Shock damage boost isn’t stellar, and the utility is nice.

Tier 8

Booming Echoes — Recommended — Little extra oomph to your flame shock.

Elemental Oath — Required — It’s the reason they brought instead of the boomkin.  In addition (just in case they bring the boomer too) gives you a 10% spellpower increase.

Lightning Overload — Required — Not only is it free bolts of lightning, but they can also proc clearcasting / elemental oath.  It’s a win-win.

Tier 9

Astral Shift — Not recommended — Can we say PvP?

Totem of Wrath — Required — Your totem of choice.

Lava Flows — Required — Lava Burst?  Critical Strike?  I’m in!

Tier 10

Shamanism — Required — Increased damage for all your regular rotation spells — take it.

Tier 11

Thunderstorm — Optional — Awesome for PvP, highly situational for PvE.  Nice for a “mana pot” effect and some extra aoe damage as necessary.


Tier 1

Enhancing Totems — Not recommended — If you take Totem of Wrath (which you should) then you only get 1/2 the perks from this talent.

Earth’s Grasp — Not recommended — Leveling or PvP talent, but still wouldn’t suggest it.

Ancestral Knowledge — Recommended — Intellect is a great all-around stat.  Best choice to build further into the tree.

Tier 2

Guardian Totems — Not recommended — PvP rears its ugly head.

Thundering Strikes — Recommended — 5% crit to all spells.  Can you say yummy?

Improved Ghost Wolf — Optional — You may conceivably, possibly use this in an outdoor encounter.  Highly suggested for PvP.  Don’t forget the glyph if you do.

Improved Shields — Not recommended — You likely will never, ever need the mana.  If you do, you won’t get beat on enough (or you’ll be beat on so much you’ll be dead).

Tier 3

Elemental Weapons — Required — Free spellpower (63 points)

Shamanistic Focus — Recommended — Reduces your highest cost spell, Flame Shock.

Anticipation — Not recommended — PvP use only.

Major Glyphs

Lightning Bolt — Flat damage increase to your most used spell = win

Flame Shock — Extends Flame Shock dot time to 18 seconds.  Lava Burst NO LONGER consumes the dot.*

Totem of Wrath — 5% spellpower gain when dropping ToW.  Awesome!**

*Will change in next patch content to a flat damage increase on the dot portion of lava burst.  Math is not out yet, but Lava Burst may be suggested instead of flame shock.

** If you are over 4000 spellpower or have the T9 bonus, Lava Burst is better than Totem of Wrath.  However, come next patch, just take both ^.^

Minor Glyphs

Note: All minor glyphs are fluff.  Take whatever you prefer.  Below are my choices.***

Ghost Wolf

Water Walking

Renewed Life

***Thunderstorm — Some guilds require this.  If yours doesn’t, and you know when and when NOT to knockback a mob you can skip this.


P.S. If you would prefer to finish reading up on more shaman-y goodness, OR are a real numbers cruncher check out the great guide at ElitistJerks.  You’ll notice my formatting is similar, but I have tried to simplify the explanations to something I can understand and share *g*  I plan to discuss other issues (such as hit rating and gearing up) in future Elementalist Books 🙂