Memory Lane

I was going through the old photobucket account, and found when I first started to drift into the promising world of add-ons and user interface modification.

Kiera was my first raider, and as such, the first character who really noticed the lack of information available in the standard UI.

Hence, this clunky, ugly (I’m ashamed to ever say it was ever mine) interface was born —

And for you rogues, yes, that really IS thistle tea.  Once upon a time, it was actually worth having ^.^

However, other than the User Interface / Addon fanatic that this character created, it is also one with the most memories attached (before Lyre).  She started on a new server day 1.  She was recruited to a guild that became the top raiding guild Horde side at L10.  I experienced more of the game than I knew existed when I created this bumbling rogue who was supposed to be a “fun character to check out what the Horde is about.”

Other than the nostalgia, she also represents the changes that WoW has made to their game.  For the most part, I’m a big proponent.  25-man raids might not have the epic feel of 40-man raids, but they’re sure of a hell of a lot easier to organize.  10 raid members standing rarely ends with a successful kill anymore.  Classes are more variable and interesting to raid with, giving players greater control on their vision of their character, and how and where they wanna play the game, whether in the dungeons of Azeroth or on the fields of contention between Horde and Alliance.

What I can’t shake, is that those same changes, which I wholeheartedly support, have also led to the last ‘true’ race between Horde and Alliance, as they race to populate and dominate a new server.  With server transfers and no such thing as a “virgin” server, the older levels have lost a majority of their significance, even to an alt-lover like me 🙂  While still enjoyable for the laid back leveler, there will never again be that burning competition that surges up as every character races to be the first to reach peak cap, enter the dungeon, and slay the bosses that await the end.  I never forsee another AQ opening, where each side gives up of its runecloth and leather to open the gates and cause an entire server to turn out for a singular epic event.

All I can say, is while I’m glad for the new direction WoW has taken for the individual, I’m also glad I was in from the start, and got to experience, for the lack of a better phrase, “Epic WoW” where the proportions of gameplay went beyond yourself, or your small fun-loving guild, to influence an entire server.