Minion: Your Personal Add-on Pet

My name is Windsoar, and I am more than an add-on dabbler, I’m the self-proscribed tester of every add-on, big or small, whether I’ll ever conceivably use it or not.  I kid you not.

Just so you get the idea — unit frames (not raid frames, just plain ol’ player, target, target of target frames) I have used at one time:

  • Perl Unit Frames
  • X-Perl Unit Frames
  • ag_uf
  • Pitbull
  • Pitbull 3
  • Pitbull 4
  • Stuf Unit Frames
  • Shadowed Unit Frames
  • Underhood
  • Some ancient HUD that I can’t even remember the name of

This is one type of add-on for one specific purpose.  It is not the other add-ons that I have sprinkled liberally throughout my /Interface folder, including bars, raid frames, threat meters, damage meters, cooldown timers, auction programs and quest assist.

This is where my favorite minion comes into play.

MMOUI Minion is a service provided by WoWinterface allowing you to update all your add-ons in one clean shot.  Unlike Curse’s add-on download service, you don’t have to do the one-click update meaning you don’t have to sit and wait for the little bar to fill, it does not try to mine user data (non-account related information), or require other option turn offs such as “run all the time.”

Things to Keep In Mind

  1. MMOUI Minion is still in Beta (stable).  This means weird bugs may arise — you could conceivably lose your entire add-on folder OR get unwanted add-ons downloaded.  For the first month I used it, healbot was being downloaded (despite it never having graced my add-ons folder before on this system).  I am writing about it now, because the couple of issues I was concerned about have already been ironed out.  However, before you decide, you may want to browse the forums to see if the reported problems are things that you could deal with.
  2. Users of compilations may want to beware of the update all function — many times, UI developers will edit the code of add-ons to provide different functionality or “prettiness” which an automatic update may overwrite.  However, those who run a few add-ons, but don’t like to bookmark/download updates one at a time, OR like myself, run (as of today’s count) 49 mods, may like a one shot update option nice, especially following patch day 🙂
  3. While Minion allows other websites to create modules, allowing you to browse and download from competing download sites (such as Curse) for add-ons, no such modules yet exist.  Therefore, if more than 1/2 of your add-ons are hosted on Curse, it will still be faster for you to update there.  I personally have found that all my add-on needs are provided by WoWInterface, but your experience may be different.
  4. If you use Curse and Minion you may discover you are downloading the same add-on (same version) twice.  Add-on hosting sites do not require specific formatting for add-on version numbers.  Add-on developers may have version 1.3 listed with curse, and no version number, or simply dev listed with Minion.
  5. I love my Minion ^.^ The above information is simply an attempt to present the cons that may arise if you have a different situation.

Important Links

Download your own Minion!





5 thoughts on “Minion: Your Personal Add-on Pet

  1. Hehe, I'm exactly the same with healing add-ons. I went through a stage of test-running them all, fell in love with Vuhdo, and, of course, merely disabled them and left them sitting there.

    The other day I rolled up a DK on another server to chat to Cataclysmic and, of course, when you create a new character the game automatically engages *all* your add-ons. So I turn up in front of Arthas and, holy God, there's an add-on gangbang happening before my eyes. Grid is holding the middle, biting chunks out of Vuhdo, meanwhile Healbot and Clique are going at it in the corner, and Pitbull and Xperl are tearing each other up in the corners. Aieee! Most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

    • The only thing saving me from this debacle is the fact that I started DELETING not in use add-ons 😛 Although I'm sure I have 4 or 5 "backup" folders hiding on my computer as I've done major revisions over time.

      Raid frames and Unit Frames are definitely the most devious ones to test — when I was going through a "pitbull hates me" day, I had 6 or 7 loaded up testing on my main character at the time, and must say, I did try to log onto my bank… only to discover WoW can't handle loading that many player frames without going through a major meltdown.

  2. Hi !
    I went through this too, until I decided to get rid of my old addons only to keep the ones I liked, after trying loads of them.

    And you should try Addon Control Panel. You can easily enable/disable your addons without having to disconnect.

    Oh, and I tried Mimion yesterday, messed all my addons, installed Healbot and other things without permission… I don't know if I messed up installing it or what but I uninstalled it right away… It was creepy…

    • I prefer Ampere — I think at the moment I only have 4 or 5 addons I'm not using, which for me isn't too bad.

      And I'm terribly sorry Minion was a monster to your addon folder 😦 I've been using it a few months, but have been going ok — figures I tell people it's great and it crops back up being nasty.

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