9 Reasons to Consider an Alternative Lifestyle

Your fidelity is touching but quaint.  To have only one main for 4-5 years just really rattles the imagination of an old alt whore like me.  However, even the noblest, most dedicated main lover can take some satisfaction from having an alternate.


Ya, ok, no one likes to say this, but many times alternates are only a simple matter of convenience.  Used but never loved these alternates can make of your main, oh so much more pleasant.

The Auctioneer

Stands strategically placed in a capital city to transfer goods between point A: The mailbox, and point B: The auction house.  While cruel masters may seem fit to strip every article of clothing from their auctioneering waif, truly fun-loving main jumpers will dress up this alternate in spring dresses, pimp hats, and diamond-tipped canes.  It’s just in all how much you value having this mule… errrr, service person.  Farming cloth?  Mail it from the nearest mailbox without having to trudge to town to put it up on the auction house yourself.

The Banker

Only really a necessity for those who regularly power up their lower level characters (or you poor s.o.b.’s who keep planning to ‘one day’ do the Darkmoon Faire turn-ins) the banker lives IN the bank.  Every bank slot will be purchased (yay, achievement), and high ranking bags a L1 noob should never have in her possession will hold every scrap of loot deemed necessary by the MAIN.  Many combine the banker and Auctioneer, although some “cough, me, cough* have found that if they’re playing the AH game that both are actually necessary because of the preponderance of eyeballs in the banker’s vault.

Master Trader

Has a character with all necessary trade skills to dominate the game: pots, inscriptions, jewels, and maybe some armor.  Why?  Well, I can’t spend my Argent Tournament money buying that stuff, I mean, there are rules — didn’t you read the fine print?  “This money can only be used to support the character’s personal development and growth.”  Ok, ok, I could buy my pots from a guildie or even a complete stranger, but I really want to spend my money on that beautiful drake…so, I just make the pots myself ^.^ And I frankly, that mean pot-head makes me gather my own Winter’s Bite anyway 😦


Ever wish every time you logged onto the game to do an old-level quest, earn some money, or work an achievement you weren’t bombarded with /tells, guild chat, and the annoyingly cute person you met in a PuG last week and can’t seem to shake?  Never fear, alternates are here.

Achievement Whore

In a perfect world, your main would have every achievement — from dungeons and raids, to PvP to old world content.  But let’s face it, your guildies consider anything earlier than the lastest raid a complete waste of time, and you just can’t seem to get that last mount in heroics.  If you can’t get the love and support you need from your current guild, an achievement whore may be for you.  Made specifically to rack up achievements, they will start from day one, doing every quest (super easy on a DK fyi), before heading to the next zone.  Also good for those skills you never thought were actually important — like cooking.

Ninja *VANISH*

Ever have some guild drama going on?  Days when that little box filled with green text makes you want to gnash your teeth and physically hurt the people on the other side of the screen?  Oh honey, just go play on your alt.  The ninja is incognito and unknown to all (except maybe the significant other).  I am personally horrible at the ninjas, because I end up sending /tells to half my friends list, and eventually everyone has discovered my alt, but, it does me provide me a zen place until then…. and I can always make another ^.^


“Well, if we had a healer we could do this.  But only Jorey is on, and he’s dps, so we’re outta luck.  Maybe tomorrow guys.” Never fear, the doppleganger is here.  Being able to jump on and provide a fully armored tank, smashing d.p.s. or beautiful heals is never something to scoff at.  With an alternate, you can be the raider that saves the day, or even the lucky PuG guy who has a cadre of people willing to run with you because you can be… anyone.  Also great as a backup for the significant other who absolutely must have assistance that your robed and whether lightweight mage cannot provide.  Save yourself the headache of a non-formed run (and keep the missus happy too)!


Defeat the boredom of the daily grind by having an alternate reality to turn to when the fun of polishing the helm *snicker* has waned.

Face Melter

PvP brackets are great — for the overpowered destroying the unprepared.  By having a twink alternate, you can take out your rage and frustration with life, or just express your secret homicidal tendencies by slaughtering cadres of the filthy ‘other.’  Twinks do take some work — you must have certain gear you’ll need by X level without crossing the line into the next level bracket.  But once you have achieved that beautiful mecca point, let the battle begin!  (Also a fun alternative for the Achievement Whore because you need tons of rep to get all your PvP achievements done).


I don’t know about you, but my main tends to do something like this when a new expansion comes out “RAWR, MUST LEVEL FASTER!!!!!!”  I didn’t actually SEE much of the content, but I definitely go to the pinnacle of 80 quickly.  By having an alternate character, I’ve been able to enjoy the countryside, the scenery, the little bunnies, and actually, I dunno, read the quests.  You also have the annoying fact of 20 people trying to kill your mob at the same time.  An alternate doesn’t have those concerns.  The landscape is fairly empty, there is no pressure (generally) to cap out within a time frame to start dungeon running, and you can take the time to read the quests and enjoy the sunsets over Ratchet.

Old School

There are many ways to make the leveling experience more fun, and a heck of a lot easier.  Since this is the case, many people are finding that alternates can be fun.  I’ve found more people in lower level zones since the changes to mounts and weaponry/armor experience gains, than I’m used to being available.  Take advantage of this increase to run the content — old school!  Deadmines with no over level 20.  Scarlet Monastary with only level 35-45 players.  If you can’t summon them at the stone, they can’t come!  Rediscover how fun the old content can be by running it, not as an overpowered zerging machine, but as a young adventurer just coming into their power.  It will surprise you how much it can be 🙂