Naxx Rewind

So our little guild, after 2 weeks at 80, decided it was time for Naxxramas.  Some of our members have been running heroics religiously garnering badges, ToC epics, and other wonderful pieces in order to crush the competition while others (me) have been pretty laid back and playing pretty minimally.

Bullying a group together took about half an hour as we discussed the various merits of what classes we wanted to take “no plate tanks, I need those drops!  Oh, oh, and no mages, warlocks, or rogues, we have one of each of those already!”  After another 10-20 minutes politely asking in LFG, I finally announced “LF3M Naxx-10, fresh run” and surprisingly got a load of tells, some condescending “I could go… I guess,” and some just scary “dps.  dk.  good.”

Now, I’m not much of a healer.  While my dps gear is laughable (100 hit anyone?) my healing gear isn’t much better, but I have plenty of mp5!! Nonetheless I offered to take one for the team, since we seemed to only have dps interested in our little adventure.

Spider was no problem — go in, smash things, collect epics.  WIN!  Construct started off strong, with us only 1 second away from the achievement, but Thaddius gave us our first taste of pug ability — every single non-guilded member died in the lightning.  Rinse and repeat for: Safety Dance, 4 Horseman, and Sapphiron’s iceblocks.  We consistently lost our pugged players until we arrived at KT 8 strong.  We tried… oh did we try, but after two wipes and a personal fail to the void zone on our 2nd attempt, we called it a night.

Overall, I chalk the night up as a win however: poorly geared friends, 1-3 pugged members per wing (only 1 stayed for the whole raid) and 3 hours = 4 wings down, and only 2 wipes, both on the last boss.  I think Blizzard met its goal — Naxx is accessible to anyone willing to put the time into the encounters, and dealing with the frustration of a poor players 😛 However, if you’re lucky enough to have a few good comrades, raiding is definitely within the cards.



2 thoughts on “Naxx Rewind

  1. Having been at last nights Naxx run, it reminded me why I like Naxx. Say what you will about Blizz "dumbing down" the game, but Naxx was fun. Sometimes easy, sometimes annoying, but it was still fun. Sometimes all you want is to go into a dungeon and enjoy yourself. And that's what I did, last night. I walked into Naxx, performed horribly on trash, and pwned bosses. Could I have done better? Sure. Was there a lot of pressure and "Wtf man, you suck!" comments being thrown around? Nope, and it was wonderful.

    Although now I remember why I don't like to pug. Seriously, how hard is it to stand with a giant block of ice between you and the big flying skele-dragon?

    • Hey, I admit I died in the fire! But I think I lost our hunter when I said "behind the block huntard!!!!!" Seriously, I was busy healing, I didn't have time to be nice… right?

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