Massive Macro Fail

Apparently, there is this really cool tool offered up in the standard interface called macros.  My current macros are:

Macro 1
/use 13
/use 14
Macro 2
/target XXX

That’s it.  I am totally stumped and often overwhelmed by this hidden part of the interface.  I have sometimes gone beyond my comfort zone and created a macro attaching my trinkets to a specific spell cast, but that, as they say is that.  But there is help!

Despite my own personal ignorance about the full utility of macro use, I have nevertheless run across Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic, which is a mecca of macro goodness.

Explain a Macro

See a macro that looks intriguing.  Have a macro idea, but it just isn’t performing as intended?  Run it through the Explain-o-matic and it will provide a reasonable (i.e. human speak) explanation of what the macro does as well as flagging potential breaks in the code.  Also comes with a nifty handbook to explain its functionality in greater detail.

Macro Resources

I don’t know how many times I’ve been looking for a macro and end up relegated to a gold-selling / guide-selling site.  Ugh.  Firtzcairn provides a great resource of basic macro knowledge (i.e. I’m a noob, HALP!) as well as other macro resource sites.

I wish you luck on your macro journey — and hey, I might even learn a thing or two!



4 thoughts on “Massive Macro Fail

  1. I am a Macro-Noob too – I have a couple and they're all a bit rubbish.

    I have a standard stopcasting macro so I can stop casting a healing spell without having to move or jump into fire or whatever.

    I have a macro that goes "holy crap I'm oom"

    And I have a macro that whispers "Guardian spirit cast, do not fear death, or at least fear it a bit less" since I use guardian spirit *a lot* and people get panicky if they don't see the little wings sometimes when their health is ticking away and they don't seem to be getting healz.

    • Maybe I'll be braver now that I have somewhere to check my mistakes 😛 I really do like the user interface for click, but geez, it'd be nice to just scroll over a button and check my keybind vs. opening spellbook, clicking on Clique tab, reviewing where all my doo-dads are attached.

  2. I have a thing for macros myself, so several of mine are advanced enough to fool a novice (and make me look smart for using them) or simple to be a one-liner.

    Maybe a few of my macro posts on Druid Main would be of help? Love that macro-explaining site though! Nice link.

    • I shall definitely check ya out 🙂 I've never found a moment when I wanted to cry because I lacked a macro, but I definitely feel like my IQ drops when I interact with a macro user!

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