3.3 Patch Notes — Shaman

Shaman Notes

Fire Nova now causes the Shaman’s active Fire totem to emit a wave of flames, inflicting 893-997 fire damage to enemies within 10 yards of the totem.

Elemental Reach now affects Fire Nova.

Improved Fire Nova now increases the damage done by your Fire Nova by 20% and reduces the cooldown by 2/4 seconds.

Remaining changes: Mana cost reductions on lower ranked spells — totems, weapon enchants, healing and damage spells.

What’s It Mean?

Well, it seems like a lot of sound & fury signifying… not much.  I can see it being nifty for enhancement shamans grouped up with the boss and trash — drop your fire totem of choice and have another instant cast that also provides AoE damage — woot!

For elemental and restoration shamans, the utility for PvE settings remains unclear.  Since the cast causes the totem itself to provide the flame function, at best I see it being used as a gimmick spell since elementals and restoration shamans either drop their shamans in the back for spellcasting or midway to try to buffer melee and ranged, meaning the totem will likely be poorly positioned for any actual AoE damage most fights.

Elemental shamans in particular have long wanted an AoE damage spell, but the caveat of dropping your totem in the correct distance from the trash / boss to actually hit makes this solution a bit — odd.

Additionally, for all you leveling crazies, or those who’d like to join the crowd, now seems to be the time.  All classes have similar spell reduction costs to low level spells resulting in a less painful leveling experience if you want to try a new character.

For additional elemental shaman insight, Matthew Rossi @ WoW.com, and other class patch notes can be viewed at MMO-Champion or the official site.


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