The Lost

WoW has been my personal game of choice for the last few years — I’ve taken breaks (i.e. bye bye subscription) a few times over the years, but I keep coming back to see the new content and take a stab at another character that I haven’t leveled yet.

Over the last couple of weeks, a couple of my regularly read blogs, and more than a few of my “stop in when I wanna read something different” blogs have decided to expand their focus from WoW only — or even primarily.  What makes well established, and frankly, committed WoW gamers turn their back on a game that fuels two of their past-times?

The Grind

At some point, the game becomes a facetious grind — to level, to acquire gold, to get a shiny piece of loot that you wear two weeks and then replace for an even shinier piece of loot.  Yay?  No longer.  The allure of accomplishment can seem pointless when you’ve done the same cycle before.

The Stress

Guilds, pug’s, a random enchanter spamming trade every five minutes offering to enchant — all can add up to a stressful time in the game.  Guilds are supposed to reduce the stress by providing a group of people to spend time with and a base of members to start groups.  However, I don’t know how many times guild drama, or a mismatch between person and guild has caused someone to become frustrated with the game.

More than likely, these players will be back when new content comes on the scene, or old friendships need to be rekindled.  I wish everyone who is trying out new games or just taking a break good luck, and hope to see them back!  For now though, my blogroll will be changing, because I personally find reading about a game I’m not actively involved in confusing at best, and just plain irritating at worst.