Moving On

When I rerolled Wind, it was to stay with friends from our old guild and server.  We promptly signed a charter, and stuck to ourselves, ignoring entreaties for membership and offers to join forces with other guilds.  However, lately there has been an echoing silence whenever any of us logs on.  With less than 10 members, different timezones, and wacky school time schedules, it’s hard for any of us to be on at the same time.

It appears our Naxx run of not so long ago was our first and last endeavor together as a guild.  One of our members has been playing pretty regularly, and has turned out to be a good solid tank.  My husband, the lock of doom is not really a raider, but he really likes large sociable guilds.  After our last experiences with a raiding guild, I figured it was his turn to pick our home, and so he has landed on a very social, very casual guild that has some aspirations to try raiding for the first time.

For some reason, they seem to think we’re great, and after joining tonight, I think they’re just what the doctor ordered.  There were 12 people online when I made the switch — a huge number for a non-raiding guild after 10 p.m. in my experience.  Joking was allowed and encouraged, and general merrymaking was part of the scene.  I feel at home — I can be goofy, I can be snide, I can heckle my Naxx-10 group that totally failed at accomplishing a quarter and get a response from genuinely nice people.

It may not be my last stop — but it sure is a nice place to rest and recuperate!