Attack of the Loot Drama Queen

Or maybe it was a king, who knows.  I happily took my little shaman to Wintergrasp today, trying out splashing my heals in a PvP setting and getting a nice bonus achievement in the mix.  As these things often happen, I was invited to join a VoA-10 man group after victory was completed.  Being a noob, I happily accepted, thinking “Any raid heal experience is good raid heal experience.”

Things go great — there were two restoration shamans and a massively overpowered holy priest, and we ratcheted right through Koralon in no time flat.  He dropped a druid piece (no druids sadly) and a nifty little spellpower ring.  Valask, the other shaman and I all rolled on the ring and I won it with a 85 — narrowly beating out my hubby with a roll of 83 😛 Laughter all around as we head to Emalon and begin our next take down.  This time, elemental mail pants drop — since there are two resto shamans, the raid lead asks for an off-spec roll.  Rolls commence, and I win again — a good 40 points over the other shaman.

And then… the drama.

The loot rules were set as follows: main spec roll first, off-spec roll second.

  1. The other shaman is a secret elementalist in disguise!  Well actually, so am I, but when in a PuG I feel that whatever role you are fulfilling is you main for the course of the run.  If you didn’t want to run as a resto shaman, then wait for the next group.
  2. No one should be able to win more than one piece of gear per boss — especially on such a short run.  Again, it’s a PuG — on a guild run, it might be something different, but each boss has an independent chance to run set pieces for each class.  Not to mention, my first win wasn’t on a shaman only piece, but a PvP spellcasting ring that could have been good for multiple classes.
  3. It’s standard rules that only one loot is given per person until everyone in the raid has gear.  Again — whaaa?  Maybe in your casual-friendly, everyone play nice and have pretty loots, but most guild have some kind of loot council or EKPG system in place that actually throws some kinda favor to certain classes or roles OR to attendance.  Since it’s a PuG, that kinda regularity isn’t normal, and frankly, in a heroic, everyone rolls need or greed for the pieces they need or want for an off-spec in my experience.

As the guy clamors on, I say in raid chat: the rules didn’t specify, and I am only following what I think is fair giving the guidelines.  More panty twisting whining on the other side.  I send a /tell to the raid leader and say that I don’t care what happens to the loot — I’m here as a resto shaman, I expect resto gear, and to do what he thinks is fair.  He gives the loot to the other guy because he states that he knew he was elemental when he invited him.  Fair enough.

Last boss of the night: 2, count them 2 shaman pieces drop — resto PvE gloves and PvP pants.  I was tickled pink… and because the Drama Queen was “officially” an elemental shaman, I got both pieces without a competing roll.  Sometimes it pays to be above board and honest when dealing with Drama Queens.



6 thoughts on “Attack of the Loot Drama Queen

  1. That's so satsifying 🙂 Congratulations on your well-deserved resto gear, and ya boo sucks the drama queen.

    Like you, when I'm PUGing, my 'main' spec and the one I expect to get gear for, is the one I'm currently in for that particular grouping, even if I'm not massively invested in it as a general rule. I'm generally surprised at how many people seem to see themselves an exception to this – obviously specific gearing runs with guildies and friend dont' count.

    Chas and I still remember the PUG with another paladin in it, who kept insisting he was a "tank" even though he was there, like Chas, to DPS. The selfishness behind it was boggling – so you expect someone else to tank you through heroics but still give the tank gear to you? Sigh!

    • I understand the temptation for sure. My restoration spec is much farther along, so it's easier to find groups — I'd rather run a raid/dungeon than sit on the sidelines. However, I have this burning desire to be a lightning bolt flinger… I just need better gear so I can hit the raid bosses. But, honestly, I'm trying to cheat (or at least shortcut) the gearing process at some point, so there's no reason I should prioritize my currently not used spec over the shmuck who has the balls to walk into a heroic, do 1500 dps, and face the music that he "suxxorz."

  2. 2 friggin points. Beat me by 2 friggin points. Take the knife outta my back, will ya? 😛

    I wouldn't be so bad, except her roll came in the middle of the "countdown to no more rolls".


  3. Loot is divided by how the raidleader sees it fit.

    Some thinks that mainspec is mainspec regardless of what they play in that raid, while other will only allow people to roll on the spec they use at the time.

    Either way has its logic, advantages and disadvantages. What boggles me is how upset people get when it turns out that loot didnt go according to THEIR view of what is the right thing to do. I have been flamed and reported for acting on either when dishing out loot, so its really a situation where you just cant win as a RL.

    Its simple: If loot in that instnace is important to you – check with RL about lootrules before the raid starts. After all, if you dont like how things are done you could just set up your own raid.

    • It just seems that people think PUG raids = free for all raiding because it is not coordinated by a single entity (guild). However, the guy with the crown is still the raid leader whether you're running a guild raid or not.

      I know loot drama happens, I just honestly couldn't believe the circumstances (a 3-boss dungeon, seriously?) and the "logic" of the complainer.

  4. Now I'll admit, I have been known from time to time to heal for a group that is having trouble finding a healer when im really interested in dps gear or even my dps spec. (especially with the smexy dual speccing). But I walk in fully honest about my intention of rolling for ranged caster dps gear and that my heal spec is just fine thank you very much and if theyd like to wait for a healer interested in healer gear, thats fine with me. Honesty up front has always paid off really well for me. "I'm selfish, I'm doing you a favor and I will roll on the gear I want to gear up and not the roll I am performing as a favor to you." I may be a prick, but at least I'm an honest prick.

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