You Tell Me

I’m getting a lot of questions about configuring specific raid frames (grid/x-perl/pitbull).  I tried to provide other resources that are already available for these programs, but if there’s a need, I’ll be happy to do some write-ups on these choices.  However, since I don’t use all of them all the time, it will take me some time to get em back up and running and tinkering with different settings to test them out and provide some good information…

So, is this needed?  And if so, what’s on your mind the most?


2 thoughts on “You Tell Me

  1. Hmmm…difficult to assess general need isn't it? For what it's worth, you write in a way I personally find very easy to understand and you seem to think / priortise in a similar way that I do so I like your guides and analyses very much indeed. However, it's still a lot of work for you. Ultimately, I tend to think that you can't have too many learning tools available – and when it comes to written information, style and approach can often make the difference between something clicking and something not.

    I guess what I'm trying to say in this burbly fashion is that: whatever you write will likely find an appreciative audience (one of which comes guaranteed) but only do it you'd actually find the process interesting for yourself.

    • I have no problem with it — I actually think its something that I do well if I do say so myself — they just take time to do, and often people need info now!!

      However, the fluffy chicken firms up what I'm thinking — write what you do well and who cares if they can find it elsewhere — sometimes you just like this presentation better than that one.


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