Introducing Corrinna

I’d always planned to play a warrior… one day.  Some misty day far in the future I would wake up, boot up WoW and roll up a character sporting those fashionable brown player frames.

corrinnaThe day has finally arrived and I have called her Corrinna.  I decided on a human after much number-crunching and philosophical debates on the importance of different characteristics in the different factions, namely, humans are well-loved by the masses, and they look cute too.

I decided to give a new (to me) addon a try on this character.  Tourguide is developed by Tekkub, and I’ve been leery of trying it in the past because it is a total pain to get it ready if you’ve already done a couple hundred quests before you start using it. So far it’s looking great, but I’ll write more about it later.

So, how’d my first day go you ask?

I was a little disappointed in my original apparel, having found a used (and I mean well-used) robe off a stinky kobold.  After trying to light a used candle and smoke out the fleas, I finally put the ratty thing on my discolored ankle catcher with sword and shield.

I can’t say I was entirely overwhelmed by the effect, but by the time I was graduated from the Abbey of Elwynn Forest, I managed to look a bit more respectable… well, if looking like a tart in a tank top and cut off pants can be said to be respectable.

After mini-boot camp, I decided it was time to check out the human capital and get myself some new skills.  I discovered even a jaded alt can enjoy a really beautiful scene — my first visit to Stormwind seemed inspired.

Finding my trainers was somewhat difficult as its been a couple of years since I’ve graced the Alliance syndicate with my presence 😛  I seemed to remember the enchanting trainer resided somewhere on the mage side of town (go figure) but while the alchemist and herbalist are nestled in the curling avenues of the magic quarter the enchanters are relegated to the outer ghetto.  Someone must not be paying their rent — or has a few more magical incidents than they’d prefer reported.  I quickly paid my entrance fee and scurried away, fearing a magical retort to sound at any moment.

It is a good thing I like walking, because my next stop was across town — on the other side of the tracks as it were.  The dwarves and gnomes of the city seem to be segregated from the taller, slimmer, more beautiful human people — whether by choice or force I remain ignorant of, but it seems that there is fast access to and from their home capital in this region, so perhaps they just prefer to stay as close to a quick exit as possible.

Anywho, the segregation of the stumpy people was not truly my concern, I just needed training.  I found him up the stairs in a rickety house, again paid my entrance fee and learned how to mine valuable minerals from the nodes of hill and dale.

Now that I had begun my apprenticeship in enchanting and mining, it was time to return to the wider world and see what I could do to earn my way in the world.  Of course, I am easily distracted…. all the rabbits, cats, and cows were hopping by, keeping my tooltip flashing like a hot red light district.  I had to stop and share some love with my furry friends!  This particular Bessie seemed particularly picturesque so I snapped a quick photo op.

Alas, dinner called, and I never did quite get back to leveling.  I am currently a L6 warrior, armed to the teeth in my greys and whites, and hoping that big bear in the forest doesn’t realize how really, really tasty I am.  I attempted to buy my first aid skill before I logged off for the evening, but alas was a little short of cash.  Perhaps I should just sell my mining pick on the auction house — it looks like it could fund me for the next 10 levels….

Happy leveling!



4 thoughts on “Introducing Corrinna

  1. My Tauren wants you to know that the picturesque creature you've taken a picture of there is a SLAVE! A demeaned and domesticated SLAVE!

    How dare you defect to these terrible terrible people? 😉

    • I started back with horns and hooves so I'd feel at home — I'm finally comfortable with my Alliance side…. I think.

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