Fun With Fire

Things have been quiet so far on the gaming front, and I haven’t had much time to write another scintillating guide yet.  A couple of friends and I decided that we wanted to do some rep grinding and revisit the old world a bit before the cataclysm changes the face of Azeroth — Friday nights are now officially old world nights, and it’s surprisingly fun!

Warning: If you’re averse to lore, stop reading now, and just enjoy the screenshots.  Extra credit for those who finish the dreaded lore — it’s actually applicable for Cataclysm!

Our first stop (and our stop every week until the Hydraxian Waterlords decide we’re finally worthy) was Molten Core.  At one time, Molten Core was an 40-man end-game raid.  It was such a vital segment of the life and times of vanilla WoW, that Blizzard dedicated an entire April Fool’s Day spoof to the dungeon, complete with YouTube video.

Molten Core is home to Ragnaros and his minions — elemental beings of vast power — who were freed from their exile in the Elemental Plane by Thaurissan of the Dark Iron dwarves.  While Ragnaros was able to enslave the surviving dark iron dwarves, he was unable to expand his territory past the mountain.  Nefarian of Upper Blackrock Spire kept the elemental’s attention firmly diverted and his eventual demise by scores of adventures banished him back to the elemental plane.

Players can expect to see Ragnaros again come expansion time — no, some idiotic dwarf seeking greater glory will not be freeing him again — that would be rather lame on the storyteller’s part; however, when Deathwing makes his grand entrance, the way to the elemental planes will be open, providing a swift descent to Sulfuron Keep, Ragnaros’ abode in the fiery abyss.

*Lore lesson done for the day

So my super duper grand prize for slogging through a L60 raid dungeon with a couple of friends at 80?  A really nifty, old school around town outfit.  As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I joined a super, extremely friendly guild that has never attempted raiding (before tonight).  As I was getting different gear pieces in MC last night, I was mischievously linking them in guild, and enjoying the adulation of my guildmates for gear that has been passe since… oh, 3-4 years ago.  Nevertheless, the sincerity and genuine *yay, you’re getting better* attitude made me crumble and I wasn’t able to enjoy the game for very long… but it was fun while it lasted.

On a final note — I finally overcame my fear of heroic ToC.  I was first dragged in my very first night of L80.  I had some greens, some blues, and not much else.  Some extremely overpowered guys & gals decided it would be fun to push the healer through — and I promptly fell flat on my face and wiped my group several times.  Although they were very nice, I suspected behind the hand giggling, and have hence avoided anything above regular ToC with a baleful eye.

Running it again, with people my gear level (and having gotten some serious upgrades since my fresh ding) I held my own pretty well and managed to only lose a mage on the very last push of the black knight.  I wasn’t happy that he died, but no wipes occurred, and I felt much more comfortable.  Perhaps I will continue to improve at this jousting thing too —  you never know!