Quick Elemental Update

I forgot to mention it because I haven’t been playing as elemental the past couple of weeks, but with 3.2.2 there is a new elemental rotation.

Flame Shock — Lava Burst — Chain Lightning — Lightning Bolt (3-4 depending on your haste as discussed in previous elemental rotation post) — Repeat

If you find yourself running out of mana, it is advisable to revert to pre-3.2.2 rotation as needed to make it through the fight.  Healing Way is currently suggesting picking up Convection to deal with the extra mana expenditure, but he also suggests using chain lightning on every cooldown, which I do not since the dps increase is not staggering.  However, I am in early content, so Convection may be the way to go depending on your personal experiences or if you find yourself needing the extra dps boost from chain lightning on every cooldown.

For the numbers, as always, I refer you to Binkenstein over at Elitist Jerks.


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