Welcome to the Team

I could use a hand with some write-ups.  – Windsoar

I might be able to do something.  – Scarymidget, Valask

So begins the expansion of Jaded Alt from a one-woman show to a three-ring circus.

The Midget

I met Scarymidget a little over a year ago over on Vek’nilash in a random heroic PuG as Sileen, disc priest extradonaire.  He became my main man, my pocket healer, and I finally wrangled into getting him to join me in a raiding guild.  Said guild imploded in a mass of fiery debris, and he stuck with me, rerolling on Scarlet Crusade as a feisty death knight with a ‘do to die for.  He’s still my main man, and he kindly agreed to do a few posts for me as his time allows and he has the inclination.

That Orphanage Attacked Me


Valask, I must say, has been with me since the very beginning — he’s my husband — when I told him I really, really, really, thought WoW would be a good MMO for us to try.  Like myself, he can be a bit of an alt junkie, but he generally manages to do them one at a time, and actually get them to level completion… the bum.  Currently a warlock, previously a boomkin, feral dps, another warlock, he really does his homework even if he’s a casual at heart.

While I’ve played most of the classes and have opinions on all of them, I’m hoping different viewpoints and additional writers will allow this blog to do the type of coverage I had originally intended.  I will remain, as always, the addon junkie and shaman / paladin writer, but these additions will allow for more class discussion for those who want to play other characters — from leveling to end-game.