Help a Shapeshifter Out: Art Contest

Druid Main is currently holding an art contest to provide some beautiful druidic art for her website. Although I’m not a druid, I thought I’d share the love — maybe we have a secret artiste among us 🙂


Please don’t make it desktop-sized…or rather you can but I’d have to scale it down to fit into the post, so keep that in mind. The largest image I can put into a blog post is about 500 x 500 pixels. Other than that you can make it any size as long as it looks good.

As for content…anything druidic goes. Shapeshift forms, Tauren or Kal’dorei, combat/fighting, specific spells, anything you want. Just keep it appropriate for PG-13 or so. I’ll be picking the best pieces to be featured in my article of awesomeness. The number of winners depends on image sizes and how they fit with my formatting in the article…and how many druids send in artwork.

My goal with the images is to have them make people want to roll a druid, get curious about the class, and make druids look like the great powerful critters they are. Make Malfurion proud!

Out of the winners, I’ll pick an Arch-druid winner to receive a 60-day WoW Game Card 😀


Email me your image with an email that you check often – I’ll be emailing the winner from that address. My email is icedragon (dot) wow (at) gmail (dot) com. Or you can be lazy and use the Contact Ice link at the top of my blog.

Deadline for entries is November 5, 2009.