Well, the wife asked for some help with writing on her blog, and being the good husband that I am, I quickly ran away screaming that I wouldn’t do it.  What do I know about blogging?  After tracking me down, we talked about it, and I decided to do a couple of posts about my favorite spec.  Moonkin.  I love playing a moonkin, and it broke my heart when we changed servers, and I had to leave Rubicund behind.  I’d been playing him for years.  He was originally a feral kitty back in BC, and when I finally managed to get myself into Kara, I made the decision to turn him into a boomer.  I agonized over it for days, talking it over with the raid leader, guild leader, my wife and my friends.  I loved being a kitty, but once I donned the feathers, there was no turning back.  I was hooked.

Flash forward a couple of years, and going back to Vek’nilash and Rubicund was like coming home after a long trip.  Everything seemed just a little odd, but familiar at the same time, and I settled right back in.  The levels between 70 and 80 flew by, and I was ready to raid again.  I dove into Naxx, OS, and VoA with a vengeance.  Once Ulduar came out, I would have been chewing through that, if not for some family issues that were going on at the time.  It broke my heart to leave Rubi behind, but there’s no way I could turn him into some sissified Night Elf.  His man-cow heritage was too proud, and would not be changed.

I’ve played every class in WoW except for priests (I don’t like to heal, I’m too selfish :-P) and mages (I like to be able to survive a stiff breeze), and of all of them, I liked my boomer the best.  So over the next few days (weeks) I’m going to be delving into what it means to be a Moonkin, and how to keep yourself from going insane while playing one.  Some of what I’m going to say will fly in the face of conventional wisdom being espoused on other websites, but I’m aiming for fun, not to squeeze every bit of damage out of your build.  As a former raid leader of mine once said to me, “You know what the difference between us is, Rubi?  You actually LIKE to play this game”.

After all, isn’t the point of the game to have fun?