Of Webpages and RSS Feeds

Ok, so maybe I’m a little lazy about cleaning up my bookmark files.  Maybe I just like having to dig through 100 links to find that article that I just know I need to review for a linkback in a post… someday.  Some days it seems WoW has taken over Firefox.

What, you want an example of frivolous infomation I’m storing on the off chance that it may one day be useful to me?  How about WoWInterface’s 2.1.1 patch notes.  Bet you remember that one!  It was a doozy for many beloved addons.  A few mod authors stopped developing around this time, and riots in the streets … err, ok, maybe I’m exaggerating, but there was quite a bit of commotion on addon forums about the sad state of their chosen addon or compilation of choice.

What, you don’t remember!?  Why do I still have this link?  Honestly, I don’t remember, I wasn’t even blogging at the time, so I can’t categorize it as possible future material.

So, that was kind of an esotoric example of something I’ll probably never use — so what kind of things do I keep in under my handy, dandy WoW folder?

Character Profiling

I hate character profilers in the hands of just about everyone — myself included.  It is too easy to go “good gear, he’s good” or “rotten gear, he must suck” and just move on from an applicant, and honestly — it’s just not enough information.  Did the guy reroll last week?  Is it badge or dropped gear?  Is he actually itemized properly for his role?  I would love to ditch these from my folder, but honestly, I know that other people will evaluate me based on same said sites.

– What, you don’t have a gear score of X?

– No, I didn’t go to wherever you grabbed that arbitrary number out of the ether — what stats am I lacking?

Class Forums

These happily enter my folder and never, ever, ever leave.  Warlock’s Den, Maintankadin, and Plusheal to name a few are dedicated forums to a specific class or role, and you just never know when you’ll decide to dust off that 72 warlock, and need to brush up on the merits of destruction over demonology (or vice versa).


So, I love MMO-Champion, but if you really want to know what the impact of class change X is going to be — go to a forum and hash it out or discuss it with your favorite blogger.  My RSS feed is my link to up and coming changes, how they impact different classes, and can lead to some interesting discussions.

Guild Stuff

I’ve been in 12 different guilds over my WoW career.  How do I know?  I still have all their websites bookmarked.  Honestly, this more than anything else led me to blog — you go provide a lot of information in a series of forum posts, and then all that work is lost as soon as you roll an alt who becomes your new main.

Things to Keep an Eye On

This is generally my addon category — I’m not a fan of alpha testing, but sometimes an addon looks so sweet, that I just know I’m gonna try it in a couple of tweaks of the code.  Sometimes I throw an article in here that really makes me think about the game or my role in a new light, and that I wanna go back and read a couple more times — I rarely make it back, but the intention was good, right?

So what is clogging your web browser of choice?  Are you a bookmarking fiend, or do you just search the interwebs when the mood strikes you?  Are you dedicated enough, nay, even capable of deleting an old friend that you no longer actually use?


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