Raiding as a Scrub

I gotta admit, I feel like a washed up, bonafide scrub on my best days at the moment.  Here I was, main tanking Ulduar, and all of a sudden, I become a no-name, no-gear newbie on a brand new server where nobody knows my name *sniffle*

But a funny thing happened — not believing in the “omg epic” badges, I decided to just take my time, and pick up gear in heroics and the occassional raid I might get randomly invited to… and then it happened — somehow, without me quite realizing it, I became Ulduar ready again.  And… I got an invite… and I was pretty damn good if I do say so myself!

Now, my last server had a barely there population horde side — there were perhaps 2-3 guilds running Ulduar at 25-man level, and 4 or 5 guilds running Ulduar at 10-man.  If you weren’t in a guild running Ulduar, good luck getting a group, because there were generally just not enough heads around to organize a raid that was gonna make it past Flame Leviathan.

Not wanting to deal with population issues, we ended up on a highly populated server, and things like PUG raids are pretty common — you might see 4-5 pug raids for Ulduar or Trials a week.  For someone like me, guilded in a casual, barely raiding guild, it’s pretty awesome.

Sooooo, anywho, the raid only lasted a little over an hour, but we got down FL+1, Razorscale, and XT (Nerf Gravity).  I even got a shiny piece of loot to remember my first 25-raid as a healer.  I did mention this was my first big healing job, right?  Was THAT an experience.  Instead of 10 frames and one other person to coordinate with, I was assigned a tank, given a job, and splashing chain heals like they were God’s greatest gift to shamans… which is pretty weird, because unless a mob is whirlwinding, you just don’t need that much firepower in a 10-man scene.

I didn’t take the time or bother to actually bother to run a combat log so I could parse (honestly not expecting to heal anything past Naxx anytime soon) but I was honestly surprised and pleased to find myself 3rd in the healing charts and dead last in overhealing.

Really, this wasn’t about Ulduar in particular, but the fact that I am actually good at the game, even when I’m a scrub.  I know how to level a character, I can figure out how to gear it up, talent properly, and when the opportunity arises, I can make a pretty good showing wherever I choose to play.  Although this doesn’t signal an end to Windsoar by any means, it does make me excited to work on my warrior, and see what I can accomplish with another alt.