Transitioning: Horde to Alliance

Epic boss fight.  Boss at 35%.

Raid lead: Heroism.

Raid lead: Hero.

Random dps: Hero already

Whisper from Raid lead: Wind, HEROISM

Me: Oh, right, BL (bloodlust)!!! *Yarrrr! 30% size increase, yada, yada*

You may not be aware if you’ve never switched factions or you live in a cave, but things are just…. different from side to side.

Blood elf paladins have this nifty racial that lets them silence mobs — great for paladins trying to round up spellcasters at the beginning of a fight.  The new-no raiding guild popped in for a first time Naxx-10 run and the brand spanking new paladin tank was asking for advice as we would head into each fight.  Now, on the Grand Widow, I always tossed a shield, cast arcane torrent, and waited for all those robed spellcasters to run into my hammer — epic!  Of course, if you don’t HAVE arcane torrent, same feat takes a little more coordination on your part to actually tag all the characters.  And the “duh” from the nice paladin you’re trying to coach is a bit disheartening.

Likewise, PvP is still a bit of a challenge for me.  When the rally cry goes up “For the Alliance” all I can think is… “That’s wimpy, For the Horde is much better — and Thrall is so sexy too.  Not like that homicidal maniac running Stormwind.  /facepalm.  Bad Windsoar, bad!”

There are some perks to being alliance.  I now have a human who cheats on an epic scale having every racial ability offered horde side rolled into one AND loved by every faction she graces with her presence.  Likewise, my draenei has a nifty 1% to hit that everyone loves — and what party doesn’t have a draenei?

I never had this problem going from Alliance to Horde — fortunately, my space squid has enough hoof and horn to make me feel at home.


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    • Oh definitely — we still get the "WAA" but we have some weird mace thingie that grows over our heads that's kind of disconcerting.

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