Chain Who?

So Llyra over at Healing Way decided to build herself a plugin to Grid called ChainWho, and I thought I’d help her broaden her base of beta-testers because

  1. It actually works as intended with zero problems so far
  2. It is pretty nifty

If you’re not a restoration shaman, this plugin is not, I repeat, not for you.  You should never have more plugins or information than you need with Grid, so please, please, please, don’t pick this up unless you’re actually a shaman.

What the addon does is provide you a visual indicator showing you how many targets your chain heal hit.  Chain heal is a great healing tool, but unless you are hitting a significant number of your allowable targets, it can definitely be a waste.  By lighting up the number of hits when you cast chain heal–at say, the mage in the back–it lets you know whether that mage is conveniently clustered with enough other people to really deserve that chain heal.

Llyra suggests setting up your ChainWho to show on the outside border of grid.  I followed her suggestion (mainly because I don’t have anything but aggro showing for that spot) and it lit up beautifully wherever my chain heal landed.  It also did not persist for an unreasonable amount of time, so by the time my next chain heal was fired up and ready to land, the previous indicator had already faded (if I think of it, I’ll time it or maybe Llyra can tell us how long she set it for).

Either way, if you’re new to the magic that is chain heal, or just more fixated on your frames than the relative positions of people in your raid, this could be a great plug-in for you.  If you’re a tank healer, and you just spam your chain heals in one location only, not so much.

Currently this plug-in is in beta testing, and is only available directly from Healing Way. Please remember, like all add-ons in beta stages, that errors can occur. Edit: Now available at WoWInterface.

Thanks Llyra!  And enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Chain Who?

  1. The duration is configurable in the addon's settings menu inside grid config. The specific duration I can't say exactly due to a performance optimization in there. The addon is running on a quarter-second heartbeat. By default the status lasts for 4 heartbeats. That will be between 1 and 1.25 seconds, depending on when the Chain Heal hits in the cycle.

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