Corrinna's Journey, 6-22

Corrinna’s last entry ended with her first trip to Stormwind City where she met with various trainers and began to broaden her horizons past the tip of her longsword.  Following her trusty TourGuide, the evils of Goldshire were quickly squelched, and she was instructed to travel to elven lands, their to assist the citizens of Auberdine with their woes.

Traveling by boat, Corrinna quickly made the crossing from Stormwind to Auberdine — the shortest journey to date to that fair city, then hurried to the capital to make herself known to the flight master there.  Flying back, she was struck by the incongruity of the wild feathers and horns of their mounts — the graceful elves really preferred these odd hippographs to the elegantly beaked mounts of the humans… odd.

Things went smoothly to start.  Bears were captured and killed, water samples taken, those odd, animalistic bear-creatures — furlborgs — were found to be corrupted and swiftly dispatched.  However, an oddity appeared on the beaches, apparently the corruption was affecting not only the land creatures or a long ago invasion group had left their mounts to die and fester on the seashores… but they had this odd marking above their head, requiring further investigation.  Apparently, the researcher Gwenneth Bly’Leggonde would pay dearly for these remains… lucky for us they were so conspicuously marked!

After completing approximately half of the quests requested by the good folk of Auberdine, or TourGuide directed us to leave again, and we traveled again by boat to Stormwind before catching the tram to the dwarven city of Ironforge.  Ignoring the clamor of the forge in the central city, Corrinna was directed to head to Loch Modan — she still had an aging packet to be delivered to an outpost there, and apparently, some hunters wanted to test her mettle.  While the tasks set before her were simple, there was an oddity — as she traveled she discovered an empty cave; however, horde supplies were in store, either abandoned or for future use, she could not tell, so she left them undisturbed and continued on her way.  I include a map here in case you would like to investigate for yourself.

I didn’t offer my services very long to the dwarves — a few trinkets picked up in their dig site, a package delivered and some wildlife eradicated, and then I was back to human lands.  This time, I was sent to Lakeshire, a small, industrious city settled upon — you guessed it — a lake.  The sheer number of murlocs in the area was astounding, and I killed my fair share ere I was done.

Mainly I gathered ingredients for the local women to cook and a few trinkets — a necklace, a toolbox, and some items to repair the bridge — but it was enough to catapult me from a simple warrior of no name, to a mighty vixen at her 20th level.

I finished my chores as quickly as possible for the people of Lakeshire and returned to the city of Stormwind — to rest, recuperate and seek further training.  The first aid trainer was impressed with my skill acquisition, and I happily learned from her the ability to make bandages of silk.  I also discovered, upon checking my mailbox (free quest!) that I could learn to ride a mount if I traveled to the Lumber Camp in eastern Elwynn Forest.

I wasted no time, and ran as fast as my stubby legs would carry me to the camp.  The fees were cheap, and before I knew it I owned a pinto mare with the most wonderfully white fetlocks, who I have dubbed Bean.  A colleague of my cousin Windsoar had been hounding me to run some low level dungeons for gear, and I finally acquiesed (although sans-quests as my Guide had not advised them) and was ferried through Deadmines and Stockades without too much trouble, although in no way due to any skill on my part.

Returning to the capital I emptied my bags, disenchated everything green, and set myself back on course.  My next destination — a return to Auberdine!  With my new transportation, the travel to Onu was completed quickly, and I helped him with some bothersome cultists before assisting a fumbling archeologist discover he hadn’t lost anything after all.  Giddy with my successes, I returned to Onu, agreed to escort a bumbling druid and made my way to Maestra’s Post.  Some small services I completed there before turning my eyes to Astraanar.

I stopped along the way to collect a small fee, and I must say, the monuments of the elves have their own wonder and beauty.  Tired from my travails, I decided to rest for the night in the city of Astraanar — I just hope Raine’s pets won’t keep me up with their howling.

Until next time fair travelers.  Happy leveling!