Cult of the Warrior

Playing Corrinna has introduced me to a world of masochism and headaches beyond my wildest dreams — the Cult of the Warrior.  I’ve tried warriors before a couple of times, but the stances, frankly, left little to be desired in my personal opinion.  Every new level, I had to swap to two to three different stances in order to put the correct skills in the correct stance so if I ever happened to need one, all my skills would be lined up and ready for immediate use — however, I had no idea the amount of pain and suffering that goes into leveling a character for the easiest levels in the game.

Not only do I feel naked without linen supplies that would keep the seamstresses of Stormwind making bedsheets for the entire city, any time I enter a new settlement dogs and cats immediately gravitate to me — not because of my obvious love for all things furry–but because I have enough food in my bags to stock a kitchen for a month.  While on other low level alts pots that happened to fall from the hands of my enemies were a lucrative side trade, on Corrinna, I weep with joy when I see anything labeled “health” because I know I shall live another 5 minutes before the next run back from the spirit healer.

Yes, yes, you’re saying, you suck at playing a warrior — what is this cult you speak of?  I’ll tell you — it’s every single person who has a warrior past level 10.  Friends, enemies, guildmates, random men and women on the street discover your new warrior and the unsolicited advice begins.

– Make sure you work on your cooking skill.  You’ll need food and lots of it!

– Just wait till you finish with linen bandages, then you get wool.  Ah, wool, those are the good days my friend.

– Wool!  Poppycock!  She really wants to get to silk — now those are the finest bandages in the land.

– Do you have an alt who is an alchemist?  I would never level a warrior without having 20 health pots and plenty of Troll’s Blood.


– Well warriors are fun!

Warriors suffer.  I understand an old raid leader of mine better now — he hated alts, he hated leveling, and he never understood how people who leveled enjoyed the game.  Well sir, if I was a warrior first, mayhaps I would have understood that attitude a bit better.  Every time I log on, I feel like I am paying penance for enjoying my raid of the night before, or perhaps for being a perfectionist twit who cannot leave well enough alone and join her other 40 characters.

Of course, there are high points or I’d never go back (joy with suffering is the best combination after all).  Once a two-handed weapon made it to my hand, I felt that life was worth living — add Overpower to the mix, and I yelped with glee every time I saw a “Dodge” appear on my screen.  My days are numbered.  I am slowly becoming hooked to my mail corsets, unbelievable crits, and ability to rush into the fray and decimate the peasants before they know what hit them.

Warriors, I salute you.



2 thoughts on “Cult of the Warrior

  1. Yeah, my warrior never quite made it to 40. There's something about a class that can't self-heal that just bothers my sense of thrift. I suppose that's why I have so many draenei.

    — Llyra

    • I'm to stubborn to let her go — my only classes left are warrior and druid, and I'm saving the druid for the worgen… but, the whole experience has been a serious eye-opener.

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