Need More Rage

So, it’s not a new complaint — and what the hell is the newbie scrub warrior doing complaining about it anyway?  Well, I’ll tell you, it’s the most frustrating class mechanic that I’ve ever had the idiocy to try to master — that’s right, feel the rage!

Warriors are the only class built around an empty resource bar — they walk into battle with nothing but their health, their plate, and a sincere wish to get blistering mad within the fight so that they can execute that really cool slash parry that the trainer taught them last level.

Rogues are also unique in their resource, energy (at least until Cataclysm goes live); however, they start with a full bar of the good stuff — learning to play a rogue is learning how to balance a resource, and it truly the ONLY resource that actually gets managed.

All other classes rely on mana, the blue beast, to muscle their way through a fight.  When the blue stuff is gone, they must turn to more mundane tools — hammers or wands — to finish off an opponent.

My Failure at Rage Management

I’m the leveling process — while I’ve plenty of blue posts in the last few months about rage management issues, I assumed it was an end-game issue.  To my chagrin, either I fail at warrior goodness OR it’s a deep suited issue that starts from day one and only becomes a cosmic failure at max level.

I purposely chose arms because of the early rage saving and rage generating talents offered in that tree.  I wanted to be able to chew through mobs as long as my rage bar was up, eat or bandage, and be back in the fray.  I took the glyph of bloodlust, meaning I have a jolt of rage at my disposal every minute.. not too bad, eh?

I find a hard time blaming the issue on my gear.  With most characters my alts are on a “you find, you wear it” system.  I do not like to visit the auction house, so if I am not a smith or leatherworker or tailor, my alts generally have crappy greys and greens.  However, for a class that can’t heal, is not a glass cannon, and doesn’t have a pet, I thought this might be a bad strategy, so I enlisted my husband’s alt to craft gear from materials I collect along the way.  So far it has worked well — every time I ding I can look forward to a newly crafted piece of armor in my mailbox just waiting to be donned.

Maybe it’s the mobs I choose to fight.  When I’m fighting anything that shows up green to me I am a beast — I cannot bleed rage off fast enough, even blowing an ability every single GCD.  My rage is bottomless, and basically wasted because it spends more time in my bar, and I can’t get it below 100% after a couple of kills.  This seems poor management on my part, so I thought I should fight some harder mobs.

When I fight anything yellow or the occasional orange I become much more attuned to my rage bar.  Flawless fights, one on one or two to one, where every GCD results in a successful attack keep me topped with enough rage to finish with an execute and call it a day.  But then comes the bad day — the ones I dread because I end up with my face in the dirt and my soul once more in the graveyard.  If I miss an attack or I happen to have a wimpy opponent — think casters — my GCD is available, ready to me used, and I am looking at the message of doom “Need more rage.”  While my big ol’ mace is still flailing once every 3-6 seconds, those vital seconds rageless can easily spell my death — not to mention, when I’m fighting things my level, they are more likely to successfully attack me, meaning I need the fight to last the minimum amount of time possible.

Of course, the easy solution to this would to pretend I’m a mage an only fight green mobs.  But somehow, I find this extremely distasteful — I wear plate for crying out loud!  That, and the whole “hahaha, I have unlimited rage, take that you pesky greenies!” doesn’t seem like I’m actually learning anything about how to play the class, other than I wear plate, and I swing a mace.

I understand rage is supposed to be a unique resource, separating the warriors from everyone else — but I don’t feel like I manage rage — I feel like Lady RNG manages my rage, and if she’s smiling, I’m smiling, and if she’s frowning, I’m crying.  Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t like crying near my laptop — I could fry the circuit board.

Cult of the Warrior — I call upon you to save this miscreant.  My rage bar is filling, but I’m not making any progress!


5 thoughts on “Need More Rage

  1. I think I need to make a shrine to Lady RNG somewhere so we can all send our prayers, tribute and appeals somewhere 🙂

    The little experience I have of playing a warrior, she had some pretty extreme self-loathing issues. A fight would start up, she'd self-harm to make herself angry.. it just wasn't healthy!

    • Heh, sounds like a stellar plan. My warrior would have to make blood sacrifices though — seems the only thing she understands.

  2. This is probably a little late, but probably part of it is the hidden cost of heroic strike. When you queue up heroic strike for the next swing, not only does it cost the 15 rage to cast, but it also denies you rage generation when it does damage. Once you get other abilities to use (depending on which tree you're in) you'll want to avoid using heroic strike unless you have more than 50 rage or so.

    • I've hit 41 one, leveling arms, and I've completely removed heroic strike from my bar at this point. I think early levels are awkward for every class to some degree — but it's usually a lack of abilities — not a lack of the mechanic that makes your class work!

      Lately I seem to have gotten into the swing of my class a bit more — I still have bad days where rage is a total hassle, but overall, I seem to be able to control my generation a bit better (and free bloodlust helps — yay glyphs!)

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