Some UI Changes

As my husband says, I’ve been fiddling again!  Since my last UI breakdown, I’ve traded out some addons and made some changes to my layout as well.  Instead of saving the big shot till the end I’ll just hit you with it now 😛 Sorry it’s a bit “active” — all that fire from Ignis does not make for the cleanest background.

As you can see, many of my major components have stayed the same – namely my unit and raid frames although the location has been tinkered with a bit.

Major Changes


DXE or Deus Vox Encounters is a boss mod replacement.  Like BigWigs and Deadly Boss Mods it is intended to provide warnings for boss fights.  Improvements, in my opinion, over the other two boss mod systems are:

  • Better sound — there are a multitude of sound warnings available for different effects in encounters.  Helps you to filter out the “oh shit” from the merely “be careful.”
  • Accuracy — the timers are excellent, I haven’t had one off yet.
  • Customization — bars, sounds, locations, and just about everything is much more “tweakable.”
  • Arrows.  Awesome, awesome, run away or watch over there arrows make this boss mod watcher really stand out.
  • Make your own — easy in-game sharing between multiple users of DXE in a raid for a customized raid strat.

Of course, there are things I miss from the other two systems:

  • No pizza timer!
  • PvP timers not available
  • 5-man dungeon timers not available.  Purely a raiding beast.

Edit: If you wish to still use DBM for PvP save these folders:

  • DBM – Core
  • DBM – GUI
  • DBM – Battlegrounds

Thanks to Zigi for the great question!


This one is currently replacing Forte for me.  Since I currently am not playing a warlock, the timer was a bit much more than I needed.  I particularly like:

  • Ease of setup — create multiple cooldown bars for whatever you need, player, target or focus in no time flat.
  • Single bar per setting — no more 20 bars flowing down or across your screen because your chain heal is currently proccing a blessing of some sort on 10 or 15 of your raid members.
  • Lightweight — less than 1 mb in a raid setting (I’m using 2 bars atm).

Things I miss:

  • Whitelist function.
  • Ability to watch non-targeted, non-focused targets buffs and debuffs
  • When I roll or go back to my warlock, I’m gonna want all that cool warlocky stuff in FX.

Fluff That I’ve Added


Changed out SexyMap for dMinimap.  It requires you to make changes in the .lua file, but I’m clueless about anything of that kind and I figured it out *cheer*  Lighter footprint and fits better overall in the scheme of things.


Just needed a change — went from Elegance to Svelte.

Damn Tekkub

I picked up some of Tekkub’s toys, and I’m having fun with them.

The first is Good News Everyone that provides a pretty minimal and non-annoying proc notification.

GnomishVendor Shrinker changes the regular vendor window into a single pane, scrollable window with items on the left cost on the right — simple and easy.

Last and best is Hat trick which provides a check box in the character screen to add and remove your helm and cloak — no more going to the interface menu when you want to change into your town outfit on the fly.

Current Listing

Ever evolving, always, I hope, getting better!  Until my next mad plan -.-


7 thoughts on “Some UI Changes

  1. Darn you woman, I think I just felt a physical switch flipping in my brain to turn back on my desire to play WOW 24/7 again. My wife is going to kill you. 😛

  2. DXE looks awesome but I don't think I can live without my PVP timers 😦

    Do you use a separate mod for those? Is there a way to enable DBM just for bgs, and DXE for raids without using up all my memory?

    • Both DXE and DBM are LOD (load-on-demand) meaning they do not activate until needed. I still have DBM in my folder, but I have removed all the folders except: DBM – Core, DBM – Battlegrounds, and DBM – GUI.

      Of course, I played a week without BG timers before I remembered I could do this, and kept wanting to throttle myself in AV *humph* ok, better now.

  3. I love UI posts!

    Thanks for the DXE recommendation – I'll be using that when I start raiding, that seems like my style. And I'll also be checking out GnomishVendorShrinker!

    • The setup was different than I was used to from BigWigs/DBM, but once I started using it I was very impressed with how intuitive it was for my gameplay.

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