For some reason, my laptop cannot seem to fathom why it should use the direct line of DSL goodness when it can grab the signal from the ether and turn it into a perfectly stable connection…. until the phone rings.

That’s right ladies and gents, my telephone bandwidth is on the same frequency as my DSL, so when I answer the phone, my connection drops.  Because of this, I make sure 100% of the time that when I’m in a raid, I’m hard-wired to my modem box — common sense, right?

Except, apparently, if I don’t do it prior to my computer picking up the connection remotely apparently I still get booted, as I discovered last night.

So I logged back in to the Raid Naked debuff — which made me think of Triv at Raid Naked — sooooo, this one’s for you Triv!


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