Grid Idea

Many times, people are scared away from certain addons because they fear the setup — the cursing, the crying, the “omg, what does this waterfall menu do??? Arrrgh!”

If following a post of directions seems like to much hassle to see if Grid will work for you, you may be interested in trying out MyGridLayout.

Although the author has done some fiddling with the code, overall, the presentation is very good, and it should make trying out the addon fairly pain free.

Download available at WoWInterface.



2 thoughts on “Grid Idea

  1. That is definitely the way to go with Grid if you don't want to take the time to set it up and learn it. That really takes a lot of time; there is a lot to Grid.

    What I ended up doing was going through some of the minimalist comps on wowinterface and pulling out the saved variables lua file for the Grid and Pitbull3 setup I wanted. That was a good way to start out with the mod as it allowed me to find out how to tweak some of the more advanced features.

    Which, of course, led me to the more advanced features of every mod I had and even to writing DogTag's and eventually to diving into Pitbull4 and creating my own layout. And putting it on WowInterface.

    • I have a tendency to do the same — I really liked Qupe's configuration of Stuf frames, but I couldn't quite get the look on my own. Instead of taking his whole compilation, which doesn't quite work for me, I ripped the needed .lua files out of the WTF folder and have been enjoying the bright stacking player/target frames ever since.

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