Sometimes, It's Just Luck

So I was on my alt Corrinna, exploring the muck that is Dustwallow Marsh.  A little birdie had told me that I could find a man in need of aid among the raptors, so I slogged my over in his direction in order to get some more nummy experience.  As I was killing off the last of the raptors guarding the giant ! I saw a flash of pink hide out of the corner of my eye, and then I was ambushed.

Dart had found me.

Now, Dart is not exactly a rare, rare find in Dustwallow.  Let’s face it — people don’t exactly go to the swamp as a vacation spot.  So, just about everytime I’m rambling through there, Dart is there as well.  What I didn’t know, is that Lady RNG (oh, how we need a shrine) had her fickle eye on me, and I was about to be rewarded.

I became the proud owner of a Darting Hatchling.

My first impulse was to right click immediately, adding the pet to my — rather meager — collection.  But wait!  Shouldn’t I send it to my main?  It’s not bind-on-pickup.  Yes, yes, that would be the best thing to do.  Then, cursed be my memory,I remembered the husband mentioning that he only had two pets to go until he reached the pinnacle of pet collection — the Lil’ Game Hunter Achievement.

When the husband got home, I discovered he was down to needing *one* pet, so I promptly mailed him the raptor.  A couple of hours later, I met him on Windsoar to enjoy the unveiling of the raptor egg.  While I must say, I would have liked to have a rare pet that I actually caught myself — the Darting Raptor is not exactly the most noble or cute in-game pet I’ve ever seen, and well….

At least the dash animation is cute!