Questions Answered

Sometimes, people have questions about WoW.  They want to get an answer without a lot of hassle — no “noob” drama — and don’t know where to turn.

There’s an interesting new service out there, currently in beta testing, called Epic Advice.

It’s a Forum!

Like a forum, the service is set up much like a free board, allowing members to post questions and answer said questions easily.  New posts are easily viewable on the front page, and when you click on a question, you get a “thread” of answers from the community.  The member who started the question is allowed to “select” the answer that best answered his question; however, all answers remain tied to the original question, allowing later browsers to view all the responses.

But Maybe It’s More Like a Blog

Ever been frustrated because forums are categorized by date which has no relevance to being able to find your question?  Or, the name of the post is “question…” so you have to use the forums search feature to actually scan every post, and it STILL misses the relevant information you need?

Like a blog, Epic Advice’s search features are powered by tags.  When a person asks a question, relevant key words from the original post are tagged, as well as tags that can be added (such as addon) by the question-asker or by mods in the community.  This makes finding all current addon questions quite a bit easier — or maybe DK’s?  3.3?  All available through tags, whittling your field from 600 to 70 in a click.

Or Perhaps a Wiki

So what’s to make this repository of question and answers from becoming a cesspool of asshats who have nothing relevant to say regarding your question, but seem to crop up on every post?  The community!

When you first create your account you start at L1 (yes, you level).  You will have the ability to post questions and answers, but be careful — a bad reputation can easily follow you here.  If your question is good, or your answers are stellar, the community can “vote up” your question or response.  The more votes you get in the community, the greater your standing.  In the same way, poor questions or answers can be down-voted, causing you to lose any standing you’ve gained, as well as causing your content to be edited or deleted.

At the highest levels, members become moderators of the community — they have some control over editing questions/answers — even to the point of removing content as necessary.

What Do You Think?

I’ve been hanging out for a couple of weeks now, and so far I’ve been happy with how the community is shaping up; however, like all community sites, the more the merrier!  So if you have a nagging question that you don’t want to ask on the WoW or class-specific forums, OR you think you may be able to help answer some questions, head on over and get started!