I Can Haz Bracer?

Yes, yes, more Corrinna shenanigans.  If you’re looking for an insightful rant this is not gonna be your day here on Jaded Alt.  However, if you’re looking to see my tear out my hair and burn it in sacrifice to the dark alter of luck — you’re kinda weird — and in just the right spot.

The Place: Stranglethorn Vale

The Quest: Gathering 6 Elemental Bracers for Baron Revilgaz.

The Success Rate: Abyssmal

See these.  These, right here, that I’m standing in between?  Those look a lot like elemental bracers to you?  Big water elemental, he goes *sploosh* and he leaves behind…. bracers.  Can I pick up said bracers?  No.

And why not?

Perhaps there’s some kind of breakage rate with these things.  I mean, I am attacking the elemental with a giant 2-handed axe.  Maybe I nicked one?  Maybe, just maybe, I even managed to break it.  Ok.  How about I break 1 out of 2.  That seems reasonable right?

No.  I apparently break 1 out of 1.26 bracers — that’s right.  For every pair of bracers I’m able to loot, I had to kill 8 elementals.  8!  I cleared the island twice.  What did I do while I waited for respawns?

I could have twiddled my thumbs — however, I went swimming and found this nifty dead underwater snakie-thing.  Awesome.

Look, I know I’m spoiled.  I’m raging around STV on an epic charger — happy, thrilled, and spoiled.  Got it.  Improved xp rates, improved drop rates for most quest items — yes, yes, the leveling experience is totally broken.  Unless you are doing this quest…. which has no interest for any player in the entire Azerothian universe except for poor schmucks like me trying to give the Baron a hand with a little elemental devilry.

Killing 40 mobs because you just know one of ’em has the orb of evil.  Okay, I can live with that.  I’m ok with the fact that I killed the entire group, it didn’t drop, and I’m now killing the respawns.  Ok, not really, but I can somewhat accept that maybe the acolyte of doom left it in his monastic cell so it wouldn’t get  stolen by nasty adventurers, and I have to wait for a lying, thieving acolyte to lift it from his rooms and come out before I can find it.  My imagination can stretch that far most days.

But when I am looking at the dead mob lying in a puddle of death at my feet and I can see the quest objective on its corpse I do not understand… not at all.

You win ago oh fickle one — I’m looking at you Lady.

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