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Some interesting reads happening about and around the blogging community  — I’ve been smartly using my nifty bookmark feature this week — so free reading material for you!

Although I hemmed and hawed about making a post on the Blog Azeroth weekly shared topic, I finally am firmly on the haw side after reading the posting done by the ladies over at  Hots & Dots (who originally proposed the topic).  While I’ve liked a lot of changes — mostly they’re ephemereal and would’ve made a long and dodgy post — the top 10 list summed up a lot of the changes I would’ve liked to talk about!

Tamarind at Righteous Orbs discusses the seedy dark-side of loot trading in his two part post (part one, part two) — covering the phenemonen of loot trades, why we do it, when it’s appropriate, and how we should feel about it — although I’ve been to busy to comment yet, I thought both parts were a great read.  After the fact note: It seems part two has come down, but it was actually my favored of the two — perhaps Tam will decide to put up something again re: the after effects and the questions players should be asking themselves about how loot is distributed in non-guild settings.

Although I linked to it earlier in the week it was rather randomly located, and it was such an epic-good rant, I thought it deserved a second look.  Only since Wrath have 10 & 25 man raids been on the same progression path (bosses) with different rewards (iLvl loot) — it isn’t a whine, it isn’t a “we’re just as good as those 25-man raiders, we want phat lootz,” it is an honest look at how 10 man and 25 man raiding interact with each other and the impact on players who solely focus on 10-man raiding for progression and how that interaction could be made better.

Have you ever wanted to smite things?  No, no, not with a big mace, with a flame of divine providence streaking from the sky!  Xel at Holy Fire Spec can help you with that — now with a guide from 1-80.  Holy moly indeed.

If you missed the Shattered Sun Offensive experience Elsen has a great rep grinding guide for you.

The DPS meme has finally taken off, and DKDeathGoddess, the originator, is keeping a fine tally of the responses.

Ever feel like WoW is toying with your sensibilities?  Foisting off half-baked dungeon and raid ideas just to see how you, the player, will handle it?  Naithan thought so too — find out what he thinks about being a guinea pig.

And finally, Matticus managed to get two saves on my list this week — one is a service announcement that I think everyone should pass on, and the second is an interesting pickle for healing leaders.  Even if you don’t manage healing assignments for your raid or group you should still check out this scenario — not only will it help you understand the roles of your healers better, but it may help you make fast decisions in a pinch if the healing lead decides to take the night off!

And if you haven’t bookmarked Postcards from Azeroth yet, you really should — here’s a nice preview (because everyone loves dragons, right?!)


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