Deathknight On Vacation

I’ll admit it here and now for the first time in the history of my many years on the planet. I am fallible. I know…it was a shock to my wife too (although she took it stoically).

I have never before leveled and played end game with the same class so close together. My first priest hit 60 in pre-bc and it was 2+ years before I played another to 80. I still have much left to do with my Deathknight and much more to share with you all, but for the moment my attentions have been distracted by the beefy little blue man that can summon the power of the elements to do his bidding. I mean seriously… all a deathknight can do is slap things with his sword, shamans get totems…TOTEMS!

As you may have guessed by now I have delved into the land of the ‘pure ones’. I created a little Draenai shaman named Gahmble. He’s a cute little bugger with just the most adorable little….um…jowels. He stands about 6 foot 14 inches and towers over all but the mightiest Tauren. Being on a roleplay server its only fitting to inform you all that his favorite food is also lasagna, and he likes long walks on the beach crushing crabs betwixt his toes.

I took a bunch of recommendations from Windsoar on the types of addons to use and what might get me the furthest the fastest. I am the worlds laziest leveler, I’ll admit. I’ve done it too many times to be caught up in the thrill of a new quest. Now, I just see another exclamation point pop up after I’ve just worked SO HARD to get rid of that question mark, that all I can say is…”another one?…sigh…” and trudge off to complete another ‘get my kitty out of a tree’ quest…or whatever the local people cant manage to do for themselves today. I swear Azeroth is peopled with the laziest vermin I’ve ever seen.

So the same thing happened this time that happens most times I choose a character name. I have an absolutely fantastic name in mind when I start out and quickly find out its already taken. Not only is it taken but every possible spelling or recreation of the name is taken. Even spelling it phonetically is already taken. I start putting in a few lesser names that would be ok. And……taken, all of them. I start putting in hilarious names that catch my mind — taken. In rage I grab the first name in my brain and type it in, just to prove a point. “Every name in the world is taken!” ….accepted.

Of course, lovely, thank you wow gods. Now I have to deal with this name for 80 levels and beyond.  Oh well.

Starting off in the land of the squid was actually a lot easier than last time. First I had been there before and second I had Windsoars nifty neat-o “Tourguide” recommendation. It has been a lifesaver for a slacker-leveler like myself. My only gripe is it doesn’t constantly communicate map points to my tom-tom addon, so I cant just follow the arrow everywhere. But it in tandem with my questhelper addon has answered just about any question I could have had about ‘where do I go now?’

After a few times going my own way — against the recommendations of the tourguide — taking extra time going to the same place a few times wasting valuable killing time walking, I realized just to listen to the guide and go with the flow. It really does know what its talking about for the most part. I’m fairly impressed.

Back to Gahmble — I don’t know if anybody has ever told you about this, but….shamans only get to wear leather before level 40. I mean that’s hardly any step at all up from being a glass cannon, and I don’t even get to hit as hard as a mage. Maximum range for my lightning bolt is turning into my best friend. If I can get a few choice shots in before the combat really starts, I’m golden.

So to make a long arduous session of leveling into a much shorter story. I’ve followed my tourguide meticulously for the last number of levels and made some serious progress. Within just a few evenings of playing after my wife goes to sleep for the night I’ve managed to make it to the mighty level 30. I hear things get pretty interesting from this point on.

Few key things I’ve come to love and realize. First, Gift of the Naaru (that twinky little self heal that drenai get) is a fantastic spell up until about level 25, after that all its really doing is help keep my resting/down time to a minimum. I guess I can be thankful, but…isn’t that really what first aid is for?

Second, enhancement shamans don’t really get anything to back up that swagger before level 30. I think I might have been better off having leveled this far as elemental. I guess I’ll never know.

Third, nobody is awake at 4 in the morning on my server that plays an engineer. It shouldn’t be that hard to find a bronze tube.

I think I see more leveling and enjoying of my little shaman in the near future. They say write what you love, so I think ill stick with this for a while. Maybe my deathknight will have become just another jaded alt…

…Maybe not…


5 thoughts on “Deathknight On Vacation

  1. Elemental and Enhancement play almost exactly the same up until level 30. That's the point where you decide whether you want to throw lightning bolts for 200 damage or windfury something in the face for 1200 damage. The choice is yours.

    GotN will outheal First Aid any day, and it can be used in combat with no worries. If you go enhancement then you'll have one of the strongest GotN possible in the game as it scales with the higher of your attack power or spell power, and the enhancement shaman gets AP from Str, Agi, and Int.

    Only more power and greatness lies ahead in your path.

    • Hey — I elemental'ed my way to the top! But… everyone already knows I'm weird… I straight level holy/prot if that's the plan for end-game.

      So… go, go Enhancement! And I wanna know about the spirit wolves!

  2. I'm levelling a baby horde hunter these days and wanted to do that quickly, in order to play with my friends, and raiding in a serious schedule with my main hunter, I hadn't that much time.

    That's why I tried the addons that Jame did to go with his guides. I used and loved the guides when levelling Alliance but having to print it wasn't handy.

    With the Tour Guide addons and Jame's guides, it's really quick, you never lose time crossing the area tens of times for one single stupid quest, when I log off and come back 3 days later, I don't waste time wandering what the hell are those quests sitting in my questlog, because it's a step by step guide…

    Some people may tell you it's just taking your hand and driving you mindlessly through levelling, but I feel that I can focus more on those storylines I don't know without bothering about where are those mobs, realizing that I should have bought this back in Orgri while I was at it, that I forgot to empty my bags, where I should put my hearthstone and so on…

    The guide are there along with the addons requiered :
    I like to have Questhelper with it, because I like the questlog, and the map help.

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