A New (Old) Way to Pug

Ever invited a tank to your group to discover, oh, btw, they don’t have 535 defense — or you need a priest for Naxx 10, and they SAY they have 1500 spellpower… but they really mean when raid buffed, not self buffed.

With Cladhaire’s LFM Sniffer you can do an inspection of talents and stats without ever leaving the comfort of your cozy Dalaran inn — and you don’t have to do any last minute scrambles to find new members either.  Simply hover over a potential member in looking for group interface or shift click to create a move-able box.

Non-configurable, with a single slash command to activate/deactivate, let your next party formation be a little more stress-free!


5 thoughts on “A New (Old) Way to Pug

  1. Now, that is pretty cool. Is it spammy like GearScore or hold a lot of memory? Also, what is that Avg. Gear Rating? Is that another form of scoring that I will need to learn and ignore?

    • It's not spammy nor does it use alot (any) memory — I couldn't even get it to register on my addon list after an hour of testing.

      Avg. Gear Rating is just a randomly generated number that won't mean alot — my L11 priest has a rating of 1, and my 2 piece each T9.5 / 8.5 shaman has a 150ish gear score — since it will come back with current gear/spec and the like you still have to use the information provided intelligently 🙂

  2. I downloaded it and used it last night when grabbing a couple of people to fill out VOA. Only issue is that it only works in the LFM interface, so you can't get any info from the folks who happen to be in the channel, but not signed up for the raid you're recruiting for. Overall though, good info from a small mod. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Exactly the things I liked about it — functional, light, and limited in scope. I tend to get turned off from add-ons that spam my tool-tip, guild chat, or create their own channels to spew irrelevant information.

      I should be getting back to my continuing UI fiddling next week!

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