Yada, yada, yada

So that post I’m supposed to have going up tomorrow about guild retention — it’s gonna be late.  Whether that be tomorrow night or over the weekend, I honestly don’t know, so just… keep your seats guys & gals!

That being said, anyone ever used TotemGuru?  Something like it?  I really don’t want more clutter on my screen but it does look interesting.

I usually play the role of middle man shaman totem drop coordinator

[To] Other Resto: Dropping Earth Shield on MT 1.  Dropping health.  Not enough paladins tonight, can you drop mana?

[From] Other Resto: Sure, ES on OT 1.  Got mana.  Want me to get Strength.

[To] Other Resto: Sounds good.

[From] Elemental: Want me to get nature resist.

[To] Elemental: Sure, I’ll tell Other Resto.

[To] Other Resto: Elemental has nature.

[From] Elemental: Ok.

[From] Other Resto: Good, I hate dropping nature.


[To] Other Resto: Have you dropped tide yet — dps getting low.

[From] Other Resto: Got it!

Actually, maybe we should just set up a totem drop channel — sheesh.