3.3 Day One

So I managed to get in a couple of hours post-patch.

Random LFG System

Assessment: It rocks

While I had one instance that didn’t form (UK from the queue art) my next queue and group was awesome.  The process took less than five minutes (with a partner) and the dungeon was a quick run through, including the <2 min achieve on the guy at the end of OK.  Loved it.

Icecrown — Forge of Souls

Assessment: Fine tuned.

I, like many I’m sure, am at the point that you just riptide/renew/rejuv and move on.  I actually had to HEAL!  After spending an hour trying to get into instances, incapable of spawning, I got a group that was 1/2 into the dungeon.  The final boss for the Forge is the Devourer of Souls, I multi-faced monstrosity that will eat your party alive.  Not only does he/she/it summon a horde of lost souls from time to time, but can reflect dps onto a random party member, or do a rotating beam of icky.

I experienced the boss as a one-shot, but I did have to reincarnate due to bad positioning on the rotating beam of icky.  And I think the mage spent the last part of the fight in an iceblock.  However, I was happy with the work I was having to produce — riptides, chain heals, lesser AND healing waves — fun stuff!

I hope your first day of the patch was as fun as mine 🙂 While there were some aggravations, I was thrilled with my dungeons, and am looking forward to more!