Where Tam Infects Me With Blogging Syphilis and I'm Forced Answer His Question

So I was reading about Tam’s case of syphilis (ewww, right?) and he kindly decided to share the bug =/  My assignment

I shall not let you escape me with a mere cow montage. So, given how much I enjoy the random adventures of your alts (even if they do involve condoning cow-slavery) – what’s your favourite zone to quest in, and why, and which zone(s) would you rather produce a cow montage than visit, and why?

And I thought–oh right… alts.  Ya, I used to write about those!

Let’s go to….


I first ventured into Dragonblight as a young paladin, following the directions of my Tankua guide, I fought against the corruption that had overtaken a small village, and gradually worked my way to Wyrmrest Temple.  What can I say, I love dragons, and Dragonblight is all about it.  The Wrathgate cinematic had my jaw dropping and my little heart fluttering with nerdy excitement.  If you can’t find something you like–killing scourge, insane villagers, diseased animals, the Scarlet Onslaught or fishing up tasty dragonfish–I don’t even know where to tell you to go from here.

Eversong Woods

The Blood Elf starting area is just… perfect.  Before you travel to the Ghostlands or the Undercity, young adventurers have a firm grasp of their people’s struggle and purpose in the the world.  The Dead Scar is visible daily outside the still ravishingly beautiful home of Silvermoon, a portent reminder of the power of the Scourge.  The starter quests here are really exceptional, and the resources are plentiful for all those burgeoning traders to be!

The Plaguelands

All that I love is not beautiful, and the plaguelands is a perfect example.  Overrun, and dominated by the scourge, small resistance forces, most notably the Argent Dawn, can be found trying valiantly to reclaim the land.  Stratholme and Scholomance, one-time 10-man raids, can be found here, and for your book-readers, many of them are to be found in the massive library of Scholomance.  While the plaguelands can easily be a grind, it’s a satisfying one–killing undead in droves can be a fun and profitable experience–and wandering the destroyed city of Andor’hal is a flashback for older Warcraft fans.

Un’Goro Crater

At one time, Un’Goro was an important part of the post-60 gaming scene.  Devilsaur leather was a profitable business for a leatherworker, and all those crystal buffs were desirable for raid nights.  I spent many a night roaming the crater with my faithful lion Dusk talking to friends, and duoing the elites for valuable cash turning items.  Despite the many trips to and from Winterspring, not to mention a unfavorable death drinking a potion, the Linken quest was a great find for a major fan-girl of Zelda.


Magical domes of awesome!  Seeing the land being gradually retaken and returned to a lush and vibrant world was just a remarkable feast for the eyes.  The fight to shut down the Manaforges, and the rank animosity to be found among the Scryers and Aldors was a wonderful interjection of the story into the daily grind of life.  Not to mention Tempest Keep, the best of the heroic dungeons in Northrend (at least I thought so :P)

I don’t have to go there do I?

Stranglethorn Vale

STV instantly brings to mind death–lots, and lots of death.  My very first character was rolled on a PvP server, and the constant ganking of Paks, my 36 paladin, caused me to abandon both her, and PvP servers forever.  When next I traveled to Stranglethorn, all I can remember is the constant running back and forth between the northern human base and the port of Booty Bay… on foot… past mobs 5 levels above me as I got closer to my destination.  Not to mention the unremitable grind of finding the last page of The Green Hills of Stranglethorn.  Drudgery from start to finish this zone.


It’s desolate!  Quest poor, mob heavy, Desolace is a large zone map that requires more time than it deserves.  Another pre-mount area which I hated to step my little toe into, other than to get the flightpoint perhaps.  Maradoun does not improve the equation, being one of the most involved and complicated of the 5-man dungeons.  Oh, and did I mention the centaur grind?????


I had high hopes for Silithus.  This is not a detractor for the opening of the AQ gates, which was just an awesome, awesome WoW moment.  It is about the zone itself–which is nothing but a desert with no quests, no purpose, and lots of poisonious mobs.  While the quest repertoire has improved, upon opening, Silithus had less than five quests, and was just another reputation grind.  For many, the only reason to even venture to this zone was for the infamous Sand Worm cooking recipe so they could reach 300 cooking skill and skedaddle to more beneficial and fun zones.  Not in my travel plans anytime soon.


Better known as Na-grind.  The only purpose of this zone seems to be to kill as many fuzzy animals as possible–oh, and some ogres too.  We need you to kill lots of ogres.  The chipper, healthy forest look of this zone is so incogruous with the rest of the Outlands, I felt like I had been dropped into a warp dimension.  Perhaps the floating islands were supposed to alleviate me of that fear?

Scholozar Basin

Oh look!  More fuzzy animal killing!  It seems the farther you travel, the more insane Nesingwary and his troop of animal killing enthusiasts become, with the Great Hunter’s Challenge being at least blatantly obvious that, why yes, we want you to grind fuzzy animals.  While the Oracle and Frenzyheart questlines are amusing to some, I found them tedious and annoying.  Gorlocs?  Seriously?

The Wide, Wide World

Now that I’ve gotten started, it’s actually hard to cut myself off.  Some zones I go to because I love a certain questline, and will put up with all kinds of hassle to be involved in it.  Others, despite one fatal flaw, are otherwise an enjoyable area.  I’m sure in my haste to have some kind of concrete, definitive answer I’ve forgotten some lovely or despised zone from the list.

And because I understand Tam’s righteous indignation over cow slavery–the dangers for those poor cow lasses….


5 thoughts on “Where Tam Infects Me With Blogging Syphilis and I'm Forced Answer His Question

  1. You didn't like Nagrand :O Nagrand was and I think still is, the most attractive place in WoW. Flying over the green plains and deep valleys. /shudder it still gives me goosebumps.

    • Nagrand was gorgeous, which is part of the reason I didn't like it–it just didn't seem to fit the twisted Outlands feel of the rest of the continent.

  2. Thank you for my present 🙂 Despite your questionable tastes – personally by the time I get to Nagrand and the Basin I'm *desperate* for something green and pretty, so they're definitely to of my favourite zones. Mind you, Desolace, right with you, it's just so, err, Desolate.

    • For me, it's all about context. Outland is supposed to be a destroyed land–while the green in Blade's Edge didn't bother me, the floating island of fertile land jarred with all the craptastic lore floating around in the back of my head.

      In Northrend, Scholozar Basin's greenery didn't bother me a bit–if the green dragons can have an oasis in the middle of Dragonblight (on the ocean no less) there's not reason, well, a basin can't be a fertile, protected valley of animal cavorting.

      But apparently, that's just me >.>

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