Saved Just for You

Somehow I’ve gotten in the habit of starring all those little articles that make me go hmmmm, and when I’m at a lack for words, I can kindly recycle them to you 🙂

So, in no particular order, some interesting reads from around the blog-o-sphere!

The only 3.3 article that I have brought myself to save (I’m still in “No!  I refuse spoilers!” mode atm) is this beautiful montage about a new quest line off the lusted for battered hilt.  The other interesting read about new changes, were anticipated changes to the armory.

As always, we like our surveys and questionnaries here’s a new one about… well… gamers.  Poor Death Goddess also caught syphilis =/  Tam really gets around!

Another great guide, this one on vanity pets.  And if you’ve ever been frustrated at a raider who doesn’t know what a combat log is or confused about how to set one up, look no further.  The last caught my interest–being one-half of a gaming couple, it was interesting to see someone else discuss how they felt about it.

Go say hello, and happy reading!


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