Lower Spire: A Screenshot Story

Lord Morrowgar

Lady Deathwhisper

Spire Support

Bear Butt Rocket

Airship Battle

Atop the Spire

Deathbringer Saurfang

The Lower Spire Conquered

The Hero Is Returned

The Spire is Claimed

P.S. Sorry for the repeat on Morrowgar, but it wouldn’t have been complete otherwise.  And btw, I had a beautiful slideshow but WordPress apparently hates embedding.


6 thoughts on “Lower Spire: A Screenshot Story

  1. *bounce bounce bounce*

    OMG wasn't the Saurfang carrying his son's body away just the saddest thing in WoW?! Seriously amazed me. In fact, possibly a little chill. Loved it. Maigod.

  2. Yay pictures. I guess I need to get off my arse and see this thing for myself. Although because I originally viewed the post through a feedreader there was a confused moment in which I didn't realise the captions were *underneath* so I spent a few minutes staring at Spire Support, going "that's Lady Deathwhisper … she's a … bit … uh … column-like…" and wondering if it was the titan's golfcaddy all over again =P

    • @Ophelie I agree. The bawling, hysterical it is SOOOOO sad detracts from this wonderful solemn moment. I'm not a total lore whore, but one of the reasons I play the game is for the moments of "ah-ha!" that come when the lore just matches up the right way, and the story makes sense–and I have the most powerful mage in Azeroth crying like someone killed her puppy. Sheesh.

      @Tam I wouldn't deign to go near the near-famous giggles of the golf caddy… nope, not happening 😛

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