Holiday Barrage

While many bloggers were vacationing or spending a few days of quality family time others were busy beavers updating their blogs with all kinds of good information.

Since I fail at macros, I send all you hunters over to Track…Knowledge for a look at some class-specific choices.

Run a guild?  Officer?  How are you handling your orbs?  No, no, not those orbs–primordial saronite!  See how one guild master decides on a system for token items.  You can also read about views on performance based loot systems.

Update your gearing priorities for those new characters!  Priests — new 3.3 theorycrafting from BobTurkey– Part 4: Haste Rating Part5: Critical Rating Part 6: Summary Hunters — Jaedia’s ICC raiding loot list.  Warlock–Oath’s 3.3 Wish List.  Druid (bear)–BBB starter loot list; flowchart of awesome for balance druids at Strayegg.  This guy loves flowcharts, browse while you’re there!  Shamans–T10: Spending those emblems, good comments too.  And it has nothing do with gear lists, but mages, stop stacking crit already… k?

Haste, haste, and haste.  It’s a big issue, and one that healers –especially resto druids–are looking at with a critical eye.  Kae at Dreambound had some good numbers, and Bell did some thinking on the matter.  As she says, the post needs some work/revision, but it IS something to think about and the comments are worth a read on their own.

Oh yes, there’s more.  Learn your priority in the new LFG system with this handy flowchart from I Like Bubbles!  Had any druid tanks in the new lfg yet?  See how to have bear tankatude! (art)  I know many a player that hasn’t done any of the vanilla instances without a run-through, so there ARE things that players have to relearn as Lassirra discovered in Uldaman.  And for the raiders, a oh-not-so gentle reminder as to why this isn’t patchwerk.

While the holidays are (almost) officially over, some last minute holiday cheer!  Everyone loves quirky remakes of classic holiday carols, amiright?  And something to hold on to for next year (or another special holiday occasion) a lovely gift giving guide.

And because it’s almost not a Jaded Alt day without some mention of an addon–learn  how to see what addons you have on your screen over at NSUI.

Now it’s official, my feedreader is clean (yay!)  I hope you enjoy your reading, and even more importantly, enjoyed this holiday season.  Have a safe and happy New Year!