The Sordid Side of Pugs

So… Corrinna.  Remember, the cute fluffy little 40ish warrior.  Ummm, she grew up, a LOT.  She’s dinged 20 levels over the last couple of weeks and is not sitting pretty at 65.  I’m thinking another week will see her in Northrend.

I can’t take all the credit for her awesome growth.  Tourguide has been fabulous (I’ll post about it when I ding 80, promise!), and I’ve searched zones that I haven’t stuck my littlest toe into for years.  Having an epic mount at 40 helped as well, but contrary to common sense, I do not actually have any BoE leveling items.  However, the biggest boost I’ve noticed over the past 2 days, where I gained 5 levels in a combination of questing and those scary, awesome, fun, hideous PuG groups.

The up side is that I get tasty loot and I’m actually making money for the first time ever on Corrinna.  I’m also getting a ton of excellent experience, whether or not the dungeon actually gets completed.  And yesterday, I must have been cursed.  I queued up for, entered, and didn’t complete 5 separate instances.

Problem 1: DK Tanks

Oh yes, I’m blaming you hardcore.  For every DK tank in his sixties who is competent to actually tank in a dungeon, there appear to be fifty quadrillion freshly made death knights who are still so hopelessly confused following their mental scrubbing from the brainwashing of the Lich King that they are unable to understand simple concepts like AoE (icky diseases on the floor make monsters hate you!) and disease spreading (festering boils appearing on your enemies will make them hate you!)

Hear ye, hear ye, if you have any intention of making other people suffer through your initiation into tanking on a death knight, do us a favor, and at least take the time to learn a few basics such as hit all your targets, don’t stand on the healer, and my personal favorite, don’t pull more enemies than you can hold.  I understand that in terms of experience with your class, you’re a level two character, but if you’re not 100% sure what you’re abilites are for, sign up to DPS for the love of the Earth Mother!


Problem 2: Douche tanks (and the occasional healer)

Honestly, when I think of douches in parties, I usually associate it with some rogue who strokes his e-peen and links the meter after every trash pull.  However, not in the leveling PuGs, oh no… it is invariably a tank that thinks he is a god walking among mere mortals (feel free to insert she or goddess for either of those statements–I’m old fashioned, and all my pronouns are he–the message is the same).  Tanks getting huffy, tanks yelling at dps, tanks yelling at healers! If I ever yelled at a healer I would expect my name to mud and to never find another healer willing to tolerate me from now to eternity.

Now, I’m an arms warrior.  I’m not stellar dps, but I’m solid, reliable, don’t stand in the fire, and consistently show up in the same range as everyone else my level.  I’m happy with that.  However, yesterday, I spent more time tanking that I did dpsing.  In one instance I used mocking blow on every single pull because the tank did not seem to understand that when there is a pack of three mobs, you get all three mobs, and unless you (the tank) take some action on the other 2, they will head straight towards the healer or aoe-ing dps.  Another tank felt the urge to run headlong into rooms, not packs, rooms full of mobs and die a glorious death, leaving the dps and the healer to survive the aftermath.

And the healer (level 66), who had obviously shelved her priestess at the end of Molten Core and refused to cast anything other than Greater Heal.  In Blood Furnace.  With packs of incidiery bombs exploding on top of people.  And then proceeded to yell at everyone in the party that they sucked because they weren’t geared enough or were standing in the wrong spot OR something because her heals weren’t getting their fast enough.

*News flash* You have renew.  You have flash heal.  You have aoe healing.  You have bloody bubbles for crying out loud.  Greater heal is not the only option!!!!

Even better, however, was the healer who refused to cast a heal on anyone, including the tank, after a wipe that he blamed on the dps (we got aggro) because the tank couldn’t figure out how to target any mobs.  Even the one with the big white skull on its head.

In case you were wondering, the bandage technique for melee dps is not dead–I used it prodigiously over the course of the day.

Problem 3: People “helping”

Look, if you’re anything like me, I understand that you queued up for a dungeon for some quick experience, a chance at some shiny loot, and a break for killing another flock of eagles because Nesingwary thinks they’re reading his mind.  I get it.  What I don’t get is why you feel the need to spout advice to other players (especially wrong or inadequate advice).  I’m in my 60’s.  Other players are in their 60’s.  I don’t expect anyone to have mastered all the nuances of their class, as long as they fulfill their role and the dungeon gets through cleanly.

Anyone: Noob.

The most worthless word of all time ever uttered in a party.  If you don’t have anything nice or constructive, shut it.

Healer: You’re getting aggro alot.  Don’t you have thunderclap?

Me: Yes.

Healer: Use it.

Me:  I am.  It doesn’t reduce aggro.  [Thunderclap].  Warriors don’t have a de-aggro ability.


Yes, a real conversation.  If you want someone to take action, and you your main isn’t their class, then don’t offer specific class abilities to use.  Chances are, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Random DPS: [runs face first into a pack of mobs]

If the tank is pulling to slow for you, it’s because he’s probably learning the instance or isn’t comfortable with his pulling technique yet.  You pulling a pack of mobs on his behalf doesn’t speed up the process (oh look, another wipe, lovely!) nor make the tank any better at pulling.

I don’t expect random grouping with strangers to be the greatest experience of my life.  I just want to kill some monsters, efficiently if not quickly, grab my little loot bag and get back to my questing experience.  I would MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have a group of people who don’t say a word the entire raid instance and get through, then deal with any more drama (read “helping”) from a bunch of snobby alts who really, aren’t that awesome either.

Apparently these things come in waves.  My groups today were fine–the only time an instance wasn’t completed was when the tank popped in the door, said “not Mana Tombs again” and promptly dropped group–maybe, I’ll consider another handful before continuing the grinding bonanza which has seen me through so many alts, and is blessedly silent.