STD Strikes Again: Now In Heroic Proportions

STD’s abound this holiday season, and I’ve contracted this one from Syrana (hey, at least I have class… or something).  Side-note from Valask: Apparently I have been entirely too active in the blogging community if I can keep coming home with all these diseases — Use protection!

@Windsoar – Another lover of alts, I see! :) Let’s see…. if you were asked for your input on the next hero class – what would it be? (I’m leaving this open and broad so you can have fun and focus on whatever aspect you’d like – the class, specs, affiliations, starting zone, etc!)

I honestly had a very rough time with this topic because I hearked back to my favorite prestige classes from Warcraft III–the warden and the battlemaster.  While I think either would be worthy, too many of their notable skills have been integrated rather nicely into the current classes.  The Warden–a la Maeiv Shadowsong–is an assassin, bounty hunter, and the creme de la creme of security forces for the Night Elves.  A melee class that could blink to and from the battle and destroy enemies with a twirling fan of knives from their capes are too much akin to an old favorite of mine, the rogue.

The Battlemaster–Grom Hellscream anyone–is known for his devastating two-handed mastery and whirlwind attacks which is the current epitome of an Arms warrior.  While you could argue that these are heroic classes, and thus would be better than the paltry downgraded versions, in all honesty, its hard to rev up the rhetoric to argue for their inclusion when they are so well represented, even if its by a different name.

So, since my first two options were out, what to do, what to do.  First, I couldn’t decide on just one.  While a melee class is highly unlikely for the next expansion, I have a secret little place in my heart for a melee class that I think needs to be included.  Healers, honestly, need the next heroic class, and I thought of a nice hybrid that I’d like to see; however, going that far I couldn’t leave out all the lovely ranged… so, sit back and enjoy the next three heroic classes on my wish list.

Primalist (Melee) Primalist is a warrior that has explored within himself to find the wellspring of his rage–the beast within.  Driven by their most primitive instincts, Primalists are able to take upon the characteristics of a beast such as claws, fangs, and horns.  Shunning man-made weapons and armor, the Primalist uses those tools gifted him by his insights–his hands, feet, teeth and claws–to inflict damage on an opponent.  As part of their training to discover their inner spirit, Primalists learn hand-to-hand fighting, as well as how to call upon rage at will.  There is a price for their unique form of rage generation, however, since it cannot be called upon demand until a suitable time of resting has occurred.

Primalists were originally found in the strongest concentration in Troll tribes.  However, over time, many warriors–from the Horde and Alliance–have retreated from the world of men in order to find a haven to explore their inner power.  Those who seek and find Primalist communities, and who are found worthy, have been accepted willingly and taught that which the masters have to offer.  Often secreted on remote islands, the time of troubles has caused many new recruits to flee the ancient camps upon completion of their orientation, to test their fate and skills within the greater community, and hopefully, to find acceptance for their oft-maligned gifts.

The Primalist may choose from three specializations: Martial, Primitive, or Rager.  Martial Primalists excel at hand-to-hand combat, but are less skilled in controlling their rage.  These Primalists are often considered underdeveloped by their masters, having not found their true center, but have exceled at those activities that are offered at the Primalist camps which focus the body into the new, expected changes.

Primitives have mastered all aspects of their form, but still have some problems with rage control.  Primitives often find themselves with the most devastating abilities, but with an inability to execute them successfully until they can call upon their inner rage again.

The Rager is a master of his own rage.  At will, he can call upon vast reserves of rage to fuel his exploits; however, like the Martial, he is underdeveloped in the martial techniques favored by the master Primalists.

I would like to see the ability to build a truly solid tri-tree with this particular class, but I do not have the patience to build an actual tree with abilities and whatnot.  This is primarily a poor sketch that I may come back and build upon at some future date.

Bombardier (Ranged) Bombardier is more than an engineer–he’s an engineer on crack–a walking suit of incidierary devices waiting to be put into action.  Although gnomes were the original bombardier, the cost of testing new recipes for bigger and better explosions has caused the recipes for many of their favorite devices to be sold to other, less worthy races (in their opinion), namely the goblins.  However, goblins are no slouches when it comes to explosions, and they have easily matched the gnomes inguenity in creating new and effective devices where they couldn’t beg, borrow or steal the existing plans.

Considered a danger, to friend and foe, bombardiers have generally been sequestered by their respective people’s in remote areas of Azeroth, in order to prevent unilateral destruction of the capitals of each race; forays to these secluded regions has been undergone by local parties of concerned citizens with the recent rocking of the world–while the bombardiers have denied all part in the recent rumbles (they wish they knew how to do it!) skepticism remains.

Bombardiers can choose to specialize in a number of bomb-making activities: Explosives, Cannons, or Rockets.  Explosive experts dabble in a wide variety of concoctions that can be released in carefully timed bombardments to create those large pretty explosions that make every Bombardier giggle with delight.  Explosive masters have a combination of floor and thrown devices, making them one of the more complex specialties.

Cannon experts stick to one kind of device, and they do it very well.  Mobility is a problem due to the size of their *ahem* gun, and Bombardiers specializing in cannons must take into account the type of powder they wish to use to maximize the effectiveness of each shot.

Bombardiers who focus on rockets are highly mobile explosive masters.  Rockets are faster and more flexible than the cannon, but require a certain finesse with both large armor shattering rockets, and smaller, penetrating rockets being available.

Bombardiers would be very specialized in a specific tree to maximize their dps potential.  Again, a poor sketch that doesn’t capture the talents very well.

Sorcerer (Healing) do not rely on the will of the gods to provide the clerical magic needed to heal and protect — instead, their power comes from their very willpower.  Excluded from the circles of clerical healers, and wizards alike, sorcerers have shared their powers with very few outside their small enclaves scattered around Azeroth.  Since their magic is not spiritual, but instead an extension of the sorcerer himself, powers of healing, protection or destruction may emanate from these sometimes unstable, and frequently powerful, magic users.

Blood elves have been the most recognized sorcerers in the world.  Once branded a sorcerer, a night elf is expelled from the community.  However, night elves are not the only race to have discovered their own mystical powers, and many peoples from the Horde and Alliance have banded together in small communities to practice their art and expand their own power.

Sorcerers can specialize in three diverse areas: Divine, Protection, or Spiritual.  Divine sorcerers are akin to many types of healing classes, in that their spells are ones of direct healing.  At the highest levels of mastery, their supreme willpower allows them to become a literal fount of healing.  Appearing as shining beacons of light, these sorcerers imbue a health empowerment (more hps) and minor restoration merely by being in the presence of others.

Protection sorcerers are cut from an entirely different cloth.  The sorcerers primary spells are designed to protect himself in order to engage directly with an enemy; however, this tight quarters encounter serves a purpose–with a direct connection to another creature, the protection sorcerer can inflict devastating attacks which help cripple the foe, while providing area of effect protection bonuses to other melee characters.

The last specialization a sorcerer may choose is spiritual.  The Spiritual Sorcerer uses his own willpower to protect other members of the party.  Unlike a discipline priests’ bubbles, the sorcerer’s protection is limited by his own person willpower rather than a time set by the divine.  The stronger the sorcerer, the more effective the shielding.  At the highest levels, the sorcerer can shield the entire party for a limited time, although higher damage will drain the sorcerer’s will quite quickly.

I’d like to play around a bit more with my Sorcerer.  I think some more innovative healing techniques can be brought to bear here, but I’m having a hard time thinking outside the box of my current thinking.

And there you have it–three groups of outcasts that would tuck in nicely to the changing world of Azeroth–a melee, ranged, and healer.  While nothing is earth-shatteringly exciting, I’ve tried to include some fun things that would make each class interesting and compelling for the most jaded player out there.

I’ve also tried to play a bit with what drives the mechanics of the class.  Warriors, currently, are the only rage users–wouldn’t it be interesting to see another look at rage? Bombardiers could fall into either an energy or mana type class–hunters are being moved to energy, but I think mana or a completely new energy system would make more sense for a successive layer of bombs!

While it would be difficult to implement, I think an argument could be made for a different type of mana for sorcerers — energy would be the most “fitting” of the current types of resources available currently, but it would completely screw up the entire tide of healers’ mana determining the length of a fight — and would be entirely too difficult to work around.  However, as DK’s have a new resource system, I think an effective resource system could be devised that took into shielding done vs. energy available.  At least, its an interesting thought in my mind.

I’d like to thank Syrana for the lovely idea for a post.  While it was challenging, I had a lot of fun picking up and discarding different ideas.  I’ll try to think of something equally appropriate to gift you back with soon enough.

Have an idea?  A criticism of one of my mine?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Excellent…. engineers on crack! *giggles*

    Nicely done and certainly some cool ideas. I'd be very interested in a spiritual sorcerer. The idea of being able to shield the party could definitely come in handy, I think.

    • Thankies much for the topic. It was a pleasure to make myself write about something that isn't a natural choice of topic for me 🙂

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