An Updated UI (3.3)

As is my habit come patch day, a re-evaluation of my UI has taken place.  I only had 3 addons were deemed unfit from my last go around, but I’ve added on here and there as well.

Although the appearance hasn’t changed much, I thought for the new year, it’d be appropriate to see how my UI looks and what I’m using for comparison at the end of the year.  Below is my current listing of all components of my UI, and explanations of some of those components which I haven’t explained before 🙂 Maybe you’ll find something useful for your own customization, or be inspired to try something flashier, cleaner, or just downright better!


Stuf Options, Range, VisualHeal

Used for player, target, and target of target frames, as well as player cast bar and target cast bar. Since oUF: Cliche had some issues when the patch was released, I remade the setup in Stuf.  It fits my UI a bit better, and I’m happy with the overall result.  I used the stacking bars from Quse UI before that, and while I liked that basic effect, it was hard to center things properly for in combat and out of combat situations.


Used for my raid and party frames.  Injector is a grid replacement with a bit more flexibility without the extra addons.  Not for everyone, Injector requires .lua editing in order to really get into the nitty gritty of customization; however, it works very, very well out of the box.  About the only changes I’ve made have been to size (.lua editing) and positioning (in-game slash command).

Like grid, it uses a “box” indicator to show you certain effects.  However, it has improved on these options by providing a clear color indication when stacks are diminished as well as providing a pie indicator for time remaining.  For example, earth shield has 8 stacks, but also lasts for 10 minutes.  While it starts out bright green, as stacks are consumed it turns a duller shade, until it is almost grey-green in appearance before finally disappearing.  It also shows a clear color delineation in time remaining with a portion of the box turning black and growing larger as less time remains.  An awesome feature that I’ve enjoyed immensely.


My display for DK runes.  Light, unobtrusive, and just what I wanted.

Bars & Buttons

Bartender 4

A bit heavier than dominoes, I nevertheless have reverted back to Bartender4 because I was receiving an error continuously — I discovered that my menu bar was not available after about a week of staring at my various bars and trying to decide what was missing.  While not crucial in my day to day gaming, if I ever need to file a petition, or request help then I definitely want to be able to access my menu!


Hidden bars of awesome.  Called rings, you simply keybind and voila, however many items you want appear instantly on your screen at your mouse or in the middle of the screen as you prefer.  Used for mounts, buffs, and tradeskills.  No more scrollover oopsies mid raid when you discover your hidden tradeskill bar is right next to the mob you’re trying to taunt.


Click2cast keybinding system.  Used for all healing spells and taunts.

Omni_CC Options

Cooldowns on everything — bars, character screen, you name it.

Bags & Inventory

CargBags Gnomed

Bag replacement.  Gnomed version has handy sorters available for equipment, quest items, trade items, and consumables.  A lightweight alternative for the resource thrifty.


Auctioneer replacement.  Buy, sell, and scan with ease.  Missing some options that the full auctioneer suite offers, but has the most needed functions for the serious Auction House hound.  Buy and sell in bulk, and scan for the most up to date prices — trying to sell an item for less than vendor?  It’ll warn you! What else do ya need?


Changes the vendor window to display one list vs. several pages of blocky images.  Images in my last UI post.


Hide or display your cloak & helm with ease directly on your character screen.  Images in my last UI post.


Auto-stacks like items for a cleaner inventory.


Makes your epics shine purple, your rares shine blue, and your magic items a lustery green.  Perfect for quick identification of quality of items.


Designed to speed up disenchanting, prospecting, and milling.


Adds a line on your tooltip listing the sets that an item belongs in.  (Works with in-game equipment manager).  Don’t inadvertently sell your retribution mace in your next spring cleaning!


Auto sell your grays when you visit a vendor.


Puts a glowing square around the highest selling item when turning in a quest.


Deadly Boss Mods Core, GUI, Party, PvP

Boss mod.  Provides all functions not provided by DXE.  A little less customizable (in my opinion) but still very functional.  Actually had better boss warnings when ICC released.

Dues Vox Encounters or DXE Citadel, Coliseum, Kalimdor, Loader, Naxxramas, Northrend, Options, Ulduar

My boss mod warning of choice.  I prefer the customization and features over DBM.  Took until 2nd week into ICC to truly have the same warning features as DBM.  Compared to DBM in my last UI post.


Combat log replacement.  Graphical and easy to read (and takes up less space than the text-based combat log provided by Blizzard).


Proc notification in a compact and easy to read display.  Saves me having to set them all up in power auras.


Threat meter.


Paladin specific buff management.  Need to work on customizing a bit.

Power Auras

Used primarily to notify of missing buffs on various characters.


I’m not happy its back, but not much I can do about it until I start loading raid reports.  That’s a project for another day.

SatrinaBuffFrame Options

I want to see all my buffs where I want them.  Not fully utilized and likely a lighter mod would do the same job, but I trust SBF to not screw up.


Cooldown tracking.  Featured in my last UI post.


Shaman specific totem management.



Graph paper to line up UI elements.


Looting frame window replacement.  Because its pretty, ok?

Buttonfacade Svelte

Skins buttons for Bartender4 and Opie, as well as buffs/debuffs.


Completely hides red error messages.  Examples: Ability not ready, Not enough mana.

kgPanels config

Allows the placement of picture files in game.  Used in my UI primarily for the additional color behind the text box, and the “bars” placed top and bottom.


Minimap replacement.  pMinimap provides a different color clock when in-game invites are available, inside minimap mail notification, and border coloring.  Square only.


Pretties up the chatbox a bit (hiding arrows), reducing chat strings (|r for raid), stickies select channels, and some other stuff.  Nice and light.


Titanpanel/Fubar replacement, provides a frame for DataBrokers to plug-in.  I like this one because it has color customization, but is NOT a standard bar format allowing a lot of customization in where to place information.  (Although I have it on “bars” atm, go figure).

Following are the actual plug-ins that I use with a short description.

AraMoneyBroker: Cash flow statement; ArcanaCalendarBroker: Notifies of in-game calendar invites (duplication of information at this time, will be deleted); Broker_FindGroup: Display for LFG queue information.  Includes estimated time by role. picoDPS: Damage meter (duplication of information at this time, will be deleted); picoEXP: % to next level, rested %; picoFPS: Framerate and addon usage information; picoFriends: Friends list; picoGuild: Guildlist.

Tiptac Talents, Options, ItemRef

Tooltip replacement.  Adds some information (talent choices of other players for example) and allows for stationing where desired.  Some other stuff that I don’t use alot.



In-game mod management.  Allows you to enable and disable mods without having to logout of the game.


Automatically snaps 2 screenshots when certain conditions are met (achievement earned, honor gained, leveling, etc.)

OverAchiever Tabs, Trade

Adds information to the tooltip notifying you of achievement type things.  For example, when scrolling over a squirrel will let you know whether you have /loved or /killed one for your respective achievements.


My current leveling companion.  Zones are mapped out as modules.  Lightweight, but best used by a level 1 character forward.  I promise to write a guide when Corrinna finishes her full cycle from 1-80 with it.

And with that, here’s wishing that your addons never break, and your UI brings you everything that you’d like it too!  Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Happy New Year!